New Gearsets - future improvements

New gear sets are amazing! They work perfectly, however, there are a couple of points I want to mention for some room of improvement in the NEAR future. (Don’t let this sink like the Group finder, we still wait for changes there)

  1. Trophies - imagine you don’t have human trophy placed in the houses and you switch to your human ward gear set. Then you need to go to all the houses and change the trophies which removes the convenience of the quick changes of gear sets.
  • Remove the trophy limit or make the players change them on the go from the Bio page.
  1. Gear sets should also save the weapon spec. (And remove the azoth cost for respeccing the weapons, idk why its there)

  2. Gear sets should also save the attributes. (Remove the 200g cost for respeccing attributes)


Thanks for sharing your feedback, Do0M. I will forward this to the game team.

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