New healing weapons and Primary healing weapon classification

I’ve spent a lot of time playing MMOs and I’ve just been thinking of how their going to do the next real healing weapon after seeing the void gauntlet. Which Iseverything I believed it would be and should be, a DPS weapon with good sustain and survival. People are bashing it as if it’s not just like a new age shadow priest from WOW with Merle capacity.

There are talks of a nature weapon which I think will have a healing tree, maybe similar to a Druid healer minus shape shifting.

But that being said, with new worlds two weapon system, they would need to go ahead a categorize healing weapons separate from magic weapon in general. . Making healing weapons that can actually sustain a raid boss or pvp battles could become OP and kind of dry if you just stack two Of what we’d call primary healing weapons or “prosperity tree” if you will for the healing weapons.

A debuff would be needed or a rule of only one Prosperity can be equipped at a time.

Or make a cool down for users who equip a prosperity weapon as their main and secondary when swapping.

Lastly I’d like to see what you guys would think of a scepters.

  • A holy book or Scepter could be a healing weapon in the prosperity tree with life staff and angry nature.

Or maybe a holy bracelet, or something.

If they plan to add more magic dps such as a warlock type weapon, maybe a affliction staff or something. The magic tree will be huge with all the Primary healing weapons meshed together with dps… Thank you for reading

Save the healing community…

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