New Ideas for Future Updates ( PvE & PvP ) With Pictures

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  • Swimming & Underwater Variety ( We can swim until stamina or 20 seconds finished )

  • Torch or Lantern ( for Long and Dark nights, especially inside caves, we can use it in the shield slot ) ( Even you can add new game mechanics to dungeons with Torch Ex: we can open the roads by setting fire with the torch )

  • Group Finder ( dungeons etc )

  • Spirit Shrine & Teleport from outside the Safe Zone “more Shrines to regions and we can teleport to settlements & shrines from anywhere in PvE mode.” ( in PvP mode, we shouldn’t teleport outside of the safe zone )

  • Being able to open inventory while running

  • Show Weight Limit of the Bank in Map

  • Don’t Show LOCKED Items in the Bank in Trading Post Sell part

  • When you hover over the item with the mouse, it will show the lowest market price of that item.

  • Extra bag to carry luck items with you

  • No need to go to the town to sign up for the outpost rush, we can increase player engagement this way. ( you can add a pop-up register screen when outpost rush registers start )

  • Alternative Fast Travel to Azoth (This is also an alternative option to Mounts ) ; Paid fast travel Caravan Ride, We can give gold to Caravan Driver (NPC) to bring us to different points of the map

  • Ability to use mounts in PvE mode ( Not being able to use mounts in PvP mode and Settlements.)

  • Movement buff for roads if you not receiving damage for 15 seconds
  • We can carry our storage to the storage in another city with NPC Trade Wagon

  • Map Pin ( Who like to mark maps for resources location )

  • Grant players the ability to craft their own Azoth bottles ( Ex : Spend 150 azoth to produce 100 azoth bottle ) ( In this way, you do not need to increase in azoth cap.)

azoth bottle

  • Company Housing & Company Storage & Company Log

  • Outfit Manager / Item set manager ( we can place all armor/shield/weapons on it and 2 keys : E to swap with current gear, T to manage mannequin. )


WE MUST CHOOSE TRADE CLASS such as ( Miner,Fisher,Gatherer etc. ) Do not let us to do all TRADE Skills for game economy or bring Energy System such as Black desert online but not let us to create different characters like Korean games like bdo,lost ark that system is sucks.

  • New Life Skill Farming ( We can plant seeds in our garden & home )

  • Farmstead ( We can rent Farming areas outside the city like a taxed housing system. )
    ( Fort ,Town, Farmstead )

  • New Life Skill Archaeology(Digging) ( We can find artifacts, resources, chests like fishing ) (in Old Ruins,Caves, Graves ,Beaches etc.)

  • New Resources Coral (There is no point to visit the ocean coast except fishing, new resources near the ocean coast as the coral will push us to visit there )

  • New Resources Clay ( We can gather Clay from Termite Mounds we can craft new home furniture and items from clay and we can see more terrain varieties ) (Also you can add new animal “Ant Eater” near mounds)

beavers and otters

  • More Fish Varieties for Fishing Life Skill

  • Giving functions to the Furniture inside to the house would be good like oven and wardrobe etc

  • Transmog System (when you loot a skin, it goes to the skin section and you can apply the appearance) (in this way we can Respect for designers who design low-level items)

  • LockPicking Mechanics

  • Monsters Nests “Spriggan , Naga nests in somehwere “

  • More Monster Varieties, Ex " Giants,Monsters whose bodies have interacted with azoth, Half Azoth Half Bone etc " ,“17th century medieval witches” 'mutated 4-armed creatures " " Deadly Plants. from the carnivorous flora family" etc

  • New Cities interacted with Azoth, Ex" like shattered obelisk but city version :slight_smile: " ( with azoth trees in the streets )

  • Add more Creatures to Beaches (Really Empty Beaches ) ex: Crabs,Herons,Gulls ,Puffins,Seals, SeaShell,Cranes etc


  • Abandoned Towns ( Add random NPC walking around & traveling and make towns feel populated.)
  • More outside of settlement NPCs ( Dynamic NPCs are one of the most important things we need in MMORPGs. NPCs should move about the world, give different quests on a random rotation schedule. )

  • Atlantis Theme DLC

  • Desert Map with high terrain details ;
    Desert Animals Ideas “Scarab Beetle (HUGE), Snakes, Scorpion, Fennec Fox, Camel, Hippopotamus, Hyena, Vultures "
    Desert Monsters " SandWorm etc”
    Desert Trees Ideas " Cactus (prickly pear), Date Palm tree, Saguaro, Quiver tree, Dragon tree, Baobab tree, Desert Rose tree, Joshua tree, Halfmens Boom tree, Opuntia ficus-indica, etc "
    Other Desert Ideas "Sand Storms, Obelisk, Sanctums, Temples ,Tombs, Huge Statues and Monuments, Desert Blooms, Red Rock Formations " Monument Valley, Uluru, Spitzkoppe, Shiprock, Sand Dune, etc "
    Sand Waterfall

  • Caribbean Turquoise Sea and Beach

  • Azoth Lake (a lake with a azoth fissure/leak underneath.) "where the most unusual fish are caught! "( your fishing must be 200 LvL for fishing here )

images (47)

  • Azoth Waterfall (Magical Waterfall Behind Chests,Secrets etc)

  • More Weather & Sky Dynamic as Lightning, Shooting Star, Meteorite Fall ( we can collect Starmetal from Meteorite Fall, it could be nice dynamic animation for Starmetal respawn.


  • New Terrain Area " Valley of Geysers" ( like Fly Geyser & Yellowstone)

  • New Terrain " Sea of Star " (The Milky Sea Effect can be added to beaches at the night)

  • Secret isolated island or cave filled with insects(bugs), snakes, and spiders (it would be nice to pump fear into the players) and new little details

  • Underwater Cities, Aquatic Monsters

  • Eyes of the Aeternum

  • New Place like “Skyrim Sovngarde”

  • Cave Cherry Blossom Tree

Salt deserts,flats with isolated island like " Incahuasi Island "

  • More Lively Taverns and NPC’s that you can play games against for money. (NPCs "Customers,Cleaner,Gambler, Bard etc… ) (Minigames,board games, card games, dice games, bar fights without weapons etc…) "a Gwent style game can make New World the best game ever "

  • Fishing Log Book “a Record system for who catches Bigger Size Fish” (In this way, competition occurs between those who like to catch fish. )

Fish Size

  • Add to beaches “Message in a Bottle” as a Lore , Quest or Treasure Map of the Aeternum. will be great for those who love the pirate theme of the game (We can drop treasure maps from any monster but with a really low chance. Then we can find this treasure by searching anywhere on the map and we can uncover the treasure by digging and this treasure gives a reward worth seeking and finding.)

a bottle picture on the beach "The Maelstrom Revealed lore book " ;

  • Azoth Shrines (we can get buffs for 10 minutes when we pray in the shrine )

  • Group Quests. (Only group leaders can take these quests, if someone left the group, the quest will fail )

  • Polished Quests ( New Quest Types “Kill, Skin, Collect, Fetch, Defend, Escort an NPC, Puzzle, Exploration, Crafting, Racing Mounts, Platforming, etc…” )


  • Cinematic Story & Lore Teller

  • Cinematics,Cutscenes for Azoth, Corruption, Factions,Who built huge statues etc. ( No one knows anything about Azoth staff, & Factions stories etc… ) ( You can add short cutscenes to dungeons to the scene where azoth staff interact )

  • Lore Books Bookshelf ( We can storage the lore books collected )

  • The Monster Book ( We can see the weaknesses of monsters " For example, when we kill 1.000 Angry Earths, we can now see their weaknesses " Slash, Thrust, Strike,Fire, Ice, and Nature Damages" in the Book )

  • Public Quests

  • Dynamic Events

  • When you find a random graveyard, you can summon ghosts and fight to get rewards from that grave. ( kind of secret mini event )

  • We can Climb Trees to search Nest for Eggs ( from Uncuttable Trees )

  • Better and polished Character Customization

  • You can add a Barbershop in the New World, changing appearance would be interesting

  • ENDGAME (XP , Lore Books & Achievements)

At max level, we can get a random loot chest after a certain amount of XP so we can get random rewards when the XP bar is full.
May Achievements give rewards other than the title.
There is no point in collecting lore books ( If we can fill the library in our house with lore books, we can get extra buff )

  • Sailing ( We can sail to the ocean to hunt sea monsters,sea bosses, fishing, discover new places, etc )

  • New Weapons ( Halberd, 2h GreatSword, Crossbow, Heavy Blunt Weapons " Mace, Club, Fails, Morningstar" )

  • New Weapon "Ghost Summoner " ( a new weapon that can control ghosts)

  • Raids ( Union Groups 10 Players ) ( Dungeon groups already 5 Players)

  • Hidden Dungeons/ Puzzles/Bosses

  • World Bosses ( at least 50 players to defeat )

  • Solo Dungeons ( for those who like to play MMORPG games solo )

  • Easter Eggs, Secret Areas, Secret Rooms, Breakable Walls, Breakable Barrels ( to excite players and encourage exploration )

  • EXECUTION Animation for last hit "A letter appears on the mobs with less than 10% health and when we press that letter, we can execute it.
  • Battle Area

  • Battlegrounds

  • Cross-Server Outpost Rush

  • Honor point system for PVP when you kill someone earn honor points when you killed lost honor points. (these can be faction points earned by the Quest. ) These points can be used to buy items. ( already in-game) and they can use it to upgrade the faction hall by donating it to the faction
    you can add a gear score list for players and factions to see who is the best one

  • War Roles ( When signing up for War, mark your role “Tank,Healer,DPS” )

  • Different Colored Enemy Abilities in Castle Siege ( especially for skills like heals/gravity )

  • Boss zone that can be entered while pvp mode is on

We are open to share new ideas of New World lovers AND We can argue which one could be good or bad for future updates …

and Other Ideas from Community ;


as you can see


I haven’t played any betas so not sure how dark the game gets.

A torch/light mechanic would be nice, lanterns from Dragon’s Dogma where you have to manage oil was nice.

A beat up scroll with a cryptic message/worn out picture where you have to go dig is always classic in games like this.

I’m a fan of roaming mobs, random factor, RNG encounters, so anything like that is cool.

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yeah, the torch could be nice for those who don’t use a shield

Nice “little” additions. How can you say no to that? Well put together post.


Thanks , little things gives more pleasure :slight_smile:


I think I will reopen this topic in the future again, now AGS is in trouble with the Queue :smiley:

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True but I figured if I open the topic now, I will have it there when they do get the queue times fixed. I’m already dedicated to the game.

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I imagine that once we go deeper into the island we will hit a giant lake which will contain the source of the corruption. Not quite a sea battle but I assume there to be prehistoric monsters kept alive by the island.

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its really good idea ,new world is needs more excitement

I am strongly in favor of every one of these

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I hope they can add some of them in the future to the game

Anything with sailing or swimming underwater would break the lore. So will skinning anything other than wildlife. Swimming on the surface should be a thing though. Other then that, good effort :+1:


20 seconds for would not break the lore :slight_smile: or they can limit until reach to underwater caves features

Nice, i really want an area with full pvp, and arenas pvp 3x3 and 5x5…

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Yeah, PvP need more action :smiley:

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an arena 3x3 and 5x5 would be great, players will be much happier with the game…

Some stuff mentioned should be in the game right from the beginning actually. For example swimming and company/faction halls. The game is certainly not finished. The community engaging in creative ways about the future of a game is a great thing.

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I Agree with you “The game is certainly not finished.”