New Influence push mode - Scrimmage/Siege

What i propose is a scrimmage battle mode with the intent of adding additional modes of gaining influence in territories, that doesn’t involve running quests back and forth in the open world, and will provide a war like mode for everyone.

The number one complaint i ever hear about influence, is the shell companies, and the actually having to bar push to gain influence. This was a little brainstorm i had when thinking about a way to solve both of these issues that would be both fun and give everyone a chance to experience a smaller war content at the same time that they are pushing for influence.

Siege - How would it work.

So, spitballing here. Siege would be an on demand mode a little different than what we currently have.

My proposal is that you would gather 20 people, company or faction members inside the war camp of the fort that you would like to lay siege. And select the siege menu. Select siege countdown.

Siege should be in my opinion functionally very similar to war, with the exception that the points when captured would award influence when held. And it is not a capture the fort objective.

As to who gets to fight back, my suggestion would be that the territory owner gets first dibs on the selection menu from themselves, and other faction members. In the case that no selections are made, i would propose a first signup first serve.

With the wars being instanced after the patch, i would assume this would be also. With the objective being a more fun and engaging influence push, where the stakes are a successful push would award similar or higher influence than running for the same amount of time with the same people. And at worst, a total wash would result in less but still some influence as long as a point was held for a period of time.

I think this, would be a very simple addition without too much development time to allow for a mid sized war like mode that would be fun and engaging. Theoretically it could even be done in the open world, with the flag being held raising influence once it started, but i think an instance would guarantee at least that it was a 20 on 20 or what have you.

If anyone has any ideas or comments i’d love to hear them :revolving_hearts:

@Zelme I know stuff like this is your jam, what do you think :octopus:

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