New inventory system

Please, please tell me this new inventory / storage / crafting thing is a bug! Crafting we used to be able to craft stuff in the town we were in as long as the items were stored in the storage of that town. Fair. Now we have to manually count, ctrl click, add stuff from storage to our character inventory (weight probs, logistics, having to write stuff down).

What an absolute quality of life downgrade. For serious crafters, this is a nightmare. I was hoping this is was bug, until I saw the patch for today and it wasn’t included. Others might not care, but for a working man in his 40’s with a fam, this is valuable time just deleted from my day.

Please consider fixing this asap. Love the game, never complained about anything before. I know its new, and will have issues. But this… Did new world devs actually say to themselves how can we make this game harder and less enjoyable for our players?

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