New invincibility exploit? Bug?

In Valhalla just now, we were 8 people flagged PvP outside Brightwood (We are all level 60 and we’re all above 550 GS, 1 guy from the opposite faction comes and with PvP flagged and starts attacking us, so we fight back, but none of us could damage him, he literally wouldn’t take any damage.

His name was Tuggxd in Valhalla, absolutely nothing would damage him and he was just spamming crouch while we tried to attack him as if he was trying to taunt us that we can’t do anything.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a new exploit?

I experienced something like this. But I didn’t hit them a crazy amount. The most I hit them was 3 times in like 2 seconds and their health didn’t go down at all

This guy wouldn’t take any damage at all his health was constantly not touched, no damage numbers nothing, we used DoT and everything, at one point he even stopped moving and he wouldn’t take any damage, CC wouldn’t work on him, or anything, I wonder if there’s an exploit going on there or if it’s another bug like the Window mode

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