New Leaderboard look AWESOME

These look uninformed. No one asked for longevity or stat pad leaderboards. What people wanted when they asked for leaderboards was cross server PVP, MMR in OPR and Arena with a rating and reward system. Solo and group queues.

War leaderboards completely miss the mark and are just who can get into the most wars and stat pad the hardest. Crafting leaderboards are just a grind fest. Mutation leaderboards seem okay but need to be based off speed of the run.

People want meaningful competitive PVP gameplay. They don’t want a bunch of ransoms who don’t care if their team wins or loses as long as they can stat pad your arbitrary point system for the leaderboards.


The whole leaderboard design is missing the mark, the PVP side can only be designed by people who don’t PVP on a meaningful level. No one cares about the arbitrary scoring system in PVP. What people wanted was ranked, skill based, cross server PVP where they can play with people on a similar skill level giving similar effort. It really shouldn’t be that hard to make.


The question is : Can we check others players leaderboard ?
I mean stats are made to be compare don’t you think ?

PS : Adding ranking by weapon users would be amazing tho…

If there is no PvP Ranking System (in which case you need a MMR system and server crossplay in the first place) there is no need for PvP Leaderboards where the only persons who are at the top are those with more time. Cause you wont get punished if you hit the top and chill.

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Isn’t there a whole section for PvP ;p

The stats tracked are all exploitable and/or meaningless. You could easily get rank 1 by queueing against your friends at 3am and farming score. It does nothing to create more even matches. Wins against new players are counted the same as wins against experienced teams.

An elo system can be built in a way that prevents abuse and creates fair matches, so the ranking would actually be competitive.


how about group finder 2.0? currently it sucks beyond words.

A choice that everyone familiar with the game mode finds extremely questionable yet was clearly greenlit by the dev team.

Make it make sense.

Why would you promote stat-padding over game-winning strategies?

EDIT: I mean we know why, but it’s not a good reason.



The PvP Leaderboards are so absurd bad in design, why would you reward win trading, stad padding players/teams instead of actually good and players with skill. You NEED a rating so you actuall get punished if you int and play bad and lose rating. Anything else is just lame as fuck and has nothing todo with competition. And YES Leaderboards means competition.


Guess we’ll see how exactly they look!

do we know when these are coming…

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So Arena Leaderboard ranking is just hoping for one heal in each team and just farm as much damage in all 5 possible rounds?

Like you said it is so easy to exploit it makes it meaningless for me already.

AGS should just take out the Session based Leaderboards then and safe us and them the shame they are about to release.

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They’re just promoting more stat pading so they’ll nerf mages based on it again like they’ve been doing since the start of the game ,imagine a game who has pvp not having a ranked mode over 1 year after release.


Nope. Such a waste of dev time. It’s like they want new world to die

… at all? Seriously?


This game was clearly lacking tryhards, thank god we’ve got this tool now

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We don’t currently have plans to introduce ranked PvP as a part of leaderboards.

LOL dead game. have fun fishing

Unreal… When you entire community asks for something and you think you know better is how you see games die.

Can’t wait to see new world not in the top 10 of mmos with decisions like this.