New LEAP on PTR feels good...REAL good (video)

RIP gaxe charge, leap is the new jam


You are obviously fighting a bunch of noobs. None of the range even have aimbot and missed all their shots! Also the one guy Gdgdhfsfe is an obvious bot just trying to find new bot exploits. You cant count these as kills.

Just kidding. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing!


Hah thanks! You get what you get on PTR!

The Gaxe/Hammer was a guy on my server I duel a lot on live. He’s a solid player. The mages/musket are randoms. They all beat me a few times while I learned how to set this up properly, these are just of course the highlights!

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Eh I wish peeps would leave off with the music track on these videos, it takes away from the video when you can’t hear the fighting sounds and makes the combat feel off/weird to me.


Agreed. Although this is a good video, the music in these videos sounds like the stuff I hear people jamming in the mall parking lot.


eh, personal preference. Adds to the momentum to add music imo :smiley: to each his own

Oh don’t get me wrong it’s great for youtube and for views and the like not putting the video down mate, just mean that for when you want to highlight combat like in the game forums here the video just feel better with the combat sound instead of music.

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that’s a problem and needs to be removed / changed drastically. Either every weapons gets a 30 minute stun lock or WE’RE ALL COMING AFTER the Warhammer to get fu*cked next.


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I am entertained. Music had me pumped.


Leap has a huge problem right now though. It gets stopped by basically everything. Ranged light attacks, musket shots, non-charged arrows, non-staggering skills.

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build and perks you consider mandatory on armor please and thank you.

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Nothing says fun like being in a locked stun.

Or getting kited as if you were an npc

Ahh yes classic fun time.

I mean, either you stun lock a mage or you get root/kited until dead. Sadly the only counter.

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I know it sucks.

I wish they had heavy stuns and the ability to parry heavy attacks. Like naraka bladepoint.

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