New level 60s and Returning Players PvP Catch Up

The gear gap between new level 60s at 500 GS and players at 625 is tremendous. I feel this as a 625 player. I can kill low gear score players in a matter of just a couple hits and they basically tickle me. The following is a suggestion to bridge the gap inside PvP modes

Make the faction gear start at 590. The faction gear is so irrelevant now to most players. I remember farming for this when I first hit 60 and it was such great gear when we were ALL low gear score. Now it’s absolutely worthless. Allowing players to buy this gear at 590 will put new players on somewhat of an even playing field to players who are 625.

This change doesn’t necessarily effect PvE in any way because the faction pieces have resilient on them and PvE players don’t want that. The gear is nowhere near BIS either as most of the time you want to have some weapon perks on your gear and shirking fort.

I don’t think this change would be bad for anyone and it would really help out fresh 60s.


625 player here, i see people that are just meatball is OPR or Arena due to GS, they want to play PvP as a fresh 60, but gear gating doesnt let them.

Scivation proposal its a very good idea to close the gap between them and make their experience more enjoiable without compromising the grind for bis or the expertise grind.


Thank you for highlighting this is specifically for PvP. It’s perfectly reasonable to suggest changes to one mode without conflating it with another. I don’t pvp myself, but happy for you guys to get whatever makes you happy and leave me to my solo running around and chopping down trees. :slight_smile:

Today, all PvP is instantiated, except for PVPOW, which practically doesn’t exist anymore. This could be done perfectly well without having a major influence on PvE. Now, the idea is that they just remove the experience system and that’s it, as it was in the beginning.

You don’t understand how GS works right? Even with gear 590 if you have GS 500 you only get the benefit of 500.

Gear grind sux that’s for sure. Same as leveling weapons. They should sell some xp potions and GS bumps. Make some money

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They have to do something about it. Now I 583 GS but for example I switched to mage and my weapons are 520 - 530 GS, and I do nothing to players with 625 GS, when I hit same mage build with 1200 damage and take back 3000 with single hit it’s just stupid.
I’m not saying the whole system is garbage but it takes to much time, I returned to game like 1 month and already was 60 lvl with 525 GS and played more then 100h but still can’t reach 600 GS)))
PvE here boring, open work empty, and all what you get between 500 - 600 GS is garbage, 99,99% loot that you get you salvage. So only PvP for me was fun, but now for new players it’s took to many time to reach the cap

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Wrong, in all ways tbh. First of all, your GS is only half the value between your expertise and the GS of the armor piece or weapon. Second thing is that the faction armor and weapons are not affected by this. Like self crafted gear is not aswell.


… so does that mean your GS is only half the value between your expertise and an average of all equipped armor pieces and weapons (and jewelry) ? (eg if you have chest GS 590, gloves GS 575, etc)

If your gear’s GS is GS600 but your expertise is GS500, your actual GS will be GS550. Even if you buy the GS600 gear and put in the effort to get resources to buy an “optimal” gear to make postgame content, you will still be limited by the experience system.

It has several more points against it, such as doing dungeons before GS 590-600, all the equipment you get is useless. The new equipment you can craft from dungeons is also affected by your GS level.

In conclusion, the bad players of this game need to have an extra advantage against the rest so that the new players with more skill do not beat them so quickly.

I’m guessing that participation in Invasions is similar?

That is, in order to be invited, the requirements are not only that I be level 60 (despite the minimum game-based requirement of 50), and that I have a certain minimum gear score?

If this is the case, I can rule out ever participating now and spare myself any delusions - the rate at which I’m advancing is slower than the rate at which the maximums will increase to keep the top tier players pleased and comfortable.

Something different happens here. The main PvE content in the game that the PvE players themselves don’t want to do sounds a bit strange indeed. People are generally lacking for invasions on all servers.

Self crafted gear depends on your GS right?

And again people complain about GS and forget perks so let’s no discuss this.

GS grind is boring to 600 and to 625 is OK, when you get to do high level mutated duggeons (4k to 6k shards, just need to do 2 to go from 600 to 625). Ups that’s why people buy shards :joy:

They need to address this, they need to sell for real money expertise bumps. If people pay 7€ to 10€ for cosmetics they will pay to progress in something that won’t bother anyone.

I have 3k hours and the game is slowly dying and we need to retain these returning players

Not many people do invasions, it’s boring and no big reward. Don’t know which server you are playing but from barri to dry tree you can get in invasions no issue.

Only the dungeon equipment that was just included. The rest of the equipment is with fixed GS like the named weapons or according to your expertise to craft them.

I posted this idea a while ago from a user recommendation in a megathread I created and I still think it would be a great idea. It gives new players a good basic set that they can use until they can afford to craft or buy better gear and makes it so they don’t feel extremely behind. They would still be at a disadvantage against fully geared players, but the difference wouldn’t be as impactful as before.

That’s what the market is for, there you can equip yourself in the same way and a purple gear with 2 useful advantages doesn’t come out so $. In fact, it is easier and better to buy gear at the trading post than to make faction gear, this one should have its GS raised.

By named weapons you are talking the legendaries you can craft like the void bent armor?

Not sure, but you get 600 gear but the 600 is scraped and the real gear score is shown. You will not get the benefit.

Either way the issue remains. It’s fun from 0lv to 50lv then to 60lv is a pain, then because they leveled doing the boring town boards they have 513 GS average. And another grind begins.
. What’s the problem of selling for 10€ a GS 625 to apply to amor or weapon? It doesn’t bother me.

Market gear gets downgraded by your expertise level, while faction gear doesn’t. That’s the whole point. Faction gear with 590GS would give people a solid base that would allow them to semi-compete in PvP until they get their expertise high enough to get better gear of the market.

Yes, there are some weapons that appear at crafting stations with fixed GS, which generally ask you for specific materials to craft them. These are not influenced by the GS experience level. But in order to craft them, you need to get to lvl 200 in engineering for GS600 weapons for example, which is not fast. The other problem is that even if you craft them, you won’t be able to upgrade them via gypsum to GS625 if your GS experience is lower than 600, you’ll have to raise your experience to GS600 first as well.

Self crafted gear won’t be downgraded.

It depends what’s you expertise in a certain slot is. When your expertise in gloves is 520 and you buy a GS 600 glove, it’s GS for you is 560. When your expertise in pants is 580 and you buy a GS600 pant, the GS for you personally is 590. But it scales up ofc when you gain more expertise.

Imo also new lvl 60 players should be able to obtain GS 600 gear as drops, but with lower chances ofc. And expertise only effects the effective GS. So you can get bis drops and work towards its full potential.

Because for me the expertise system itself is kinda nice,but there needs to be more tweaks to it. pvp only players must be able to get to 600 expertise in a reasonable time. And the amount of gypsum per day and per activity should be increased by a good amount. Why not let people get 5 emerald gypsum per day for example?