New Lore, any thoughts?

Is there something in the game we haven’t found? Or something coming? Maybe a world boss

Any thoughts?


it mentions some things that I hope we’ll eventually encounter indeed!


^^ I was disappointed that Barnacles and Black Powder didn’t have a massive sea creature boss; Maybe this will sate my hunger.


That was my thinking

Is it possibly coming or already here but needs to be discovered or unlocked by doing something

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Could this be the arrival of the Mighty Hippo?

Would be incredible


I’d love if we would randomly find (like the ghost ship) some huge tentacles coming from the sea at times, as a teaser of a future enemy.

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I wish the lore would come out before the updates along with teaser video or pictures

This to me would help us get attachment to the various characters and understand how everything ties together

I think back to Asheron’s Call when they had monthly updates. They would have multiple posts including really great lore . It would get people excited about what was coming and a lot of speculation. I could see some benefits of doing that with this game

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