New LOSER 'exploit'

Go into a dungeon with buddies. Leave the dungeon (but don’t shut it down), and do open world PvP, if you get too close to dying, jump back to the dungeon with one keypress.

AGS, please fix this or make it so that when they return, it locks them in place for 10 seconds.

So their buddies are just hanging out in the dungeon while the guy goes pvp’ing? Are you sure they weren’t just que’d up for arena/opr and it popped right before your fight started?


No because when he came back a few mins later and I got him close to death, he did it again. this happened numerous times

That’s looks like a one time thing pretty useless lol, you actually need people to sit in dungeon afk for this

you can this with any queue had someone do it to me about a month ago

it was pretty funny mans getting his as kicked stops stands still then pop gone

it was either opr or arena but that was the fastest queue ever seen

Can you even port back into a dungeon if you leave? I thought you had to go back to the door.

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