New maintenance to fix last maintenance (just some of it)

This doesn’t add up.

These have all started appearing last patch:

  • Reduced occurrences of time skipping days ahead instantly on a world
  • Fixed a bug where some crowded combat situations would lead to players appearing to be frozen and other state could not be conveyed to a user due to excessive bandwidth consumption.
  • Fixed a rare server crash

Other brand new bugs like unskinnable elemental beasts, unpayable rents etc are not being patched. I’ve waited for Furnishing transfer for 9 days now and look at how many other things have been screwed up in the meantime.

It’s impossible to stay hopeful when every patch there’s a negative balance of more bugs appearing. You’d have my “patience and understanding” if bugs were disappearing every time (even if slowly). This is the opposite of making progress.


Take a break if you can’t enjoy the game ATM and come back when it sparks joy


Every game every year have maintenance that come with others fixes for next maintenance, called weekly maintenance not for nothing, because every week needs its patch of bug fix and without fix there is no work for them, its basically called a ‘work’ if people forgot what it is, it means you have to work to make things better with all the issues you have to fix .

So… who tested this new patch? I mean it’s for a war fix. Do the devs have enough testers in their private server to adequately test it?

I mean if they actually released the changes on PTR and set the PTR world up to do all the different testing (i.e. enable invasions, put territories in war status, level up the crafting stations, etc) then they could actually see if stuff works.


Normally you dont create three more issues when trying to fix your original issue, and then create even more downtime because you had to fix your previous mistakes that was suppose to fix even earlier mistakes.


I think that was intended. Don’t remember if they said it’s temporary or permanent, I only remember that they said the beasts were dropping way too much of something.

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Well it certainly feels like a big F U to me. Many of us went WTF on different direction of the game being elaborated on us 600 hours into the game; patch 1.1. It sure feels like to me they are holding the F U stance to all who didn’t quit from the game shattering exploits, but are leaving because of 1.1.


Yes they disabled it last week because too many motes were dropping. But decided to swan off on holiday and leave it disabled…

wonder if at any point server maintenance will be done IN maintenance window 1-4 am, like normal IT maintenance work. It is very convenient to do it after the shift start at 8 am, we all get it…
Move ur updates to IT maintenance window and leave us playing in Am alone!


I should have worded it better. In the end, we can’t skin elemental beasts because a bug happened (the mote drop rate was unintendedly high).

  • Fixed a bug where some crowded combat situations would lead to players appearing to be frozen and other state could not be conveyed to a user due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

Oh c’mon, that has been an issue for a year. QUIT LYING TO US.
The lag in Wars has almost never been able to be called “decent”. Its either sub par at best and horrendous as a general rule of thumb. And turning stuff down your Kingpin 3090 doesn’t help.

Laughs in software development

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It’s a tradeoff and they are choosing to pay less for IT and give customers less. It is amazon after all, at least the devs probably don’t have to piss in bottles.


Have to admit i am tired of the almost daily patches, so far literally every single patch has be just as i got online ready to play, one patch cut 4 hours of time to play with my brother to get him into the game, this time, i finished a night shift, woke up, switched on my computer and got into the server, only to see another patch was 10 minutes late from downing all the servers again, and boom, servers down again,

honestly, if we get many more patches like this i will just leave the game, there are many games i could be playing that wont be down for 15 hours intermittently per week for maintenance. they need to role all the patches into one weekly patch or reduce downtime per patch,

I like the game, but these patches are a joke now, and they arent even fixing anything that is gamebreaking, this could have waited until the furnishing fixes were ready, because tomorrow they will have another patch for that and servers will be down another 4 hours. right in the middle of the day…


Probably not just yet but, give it time and they will be.

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I hate to sound so negative all the time but again, this should’ve been a simple fix. I assume the mobs have loot tables like pretty much every other game right?

Option 1: Just drop the number range for the motes.

Option 2: If that’s too much/hard/complicated to do for whatever reason, just remove the life motes from the loot table for now and let people at least get the wood etc.

Though, I think they really did drop too much wood too IMHO, pointless to look for the trees instead. But meh, I haven’t logged in since the first day of patch 1.1. Server latency performance is just not acceptable to me anymore lol.

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just remember this devs…


@Sixblue , why do you have to go around pointing out the obvious? :slight_smile: People generally blame “the devs” but @Lenyo is right, the problems with this game are almost certainly due to management decisions. The sad part is, this is Amazon Games, and AWS offers any number of services to support unlimited scalability (no queues), relational database systems (no duping), zero downtime patching (self-explanatory), blue green deployments (even if you do break something, only a few customers will be impacted), and the list goes on. This is enterprise software development 101. If I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, I would say they grossly underestimated how popular this game would be (or was, at launch) and didn’t invest enough in building it right. Or maybe they just need to hire some enterprise architects to do these parts and let the game devs focus on what they do best; after all, the good parts of this game are really good.


I know. The game servers must be down again. :crazy_face:

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