New mana prices (Healers come here)

What do you think about this, should we quit the game or congratulate amazon? what do you think of dungeon challenges?

i think void right click and the buffs to all the mana perks


Why are mana pots so high? And you have 350k gold, so…


Lol why would we quit over 4 gold mana potions though? Most of us craft our own and are filled to the brim with pots from chest runs.


I think prices should go up. 1 mana pot = 50 gold like gamers love HardCore

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(1 k Gold )is perfect in my opinion.

you want something like this, right? who offers these recommendations on amazon a? i hate it more with each update

Oh please. 4g… It’s almost not worth typing this post rn :joy:


We can see that 4 gold each is not even the lowest price.

Just an pointless rant topic


Good joke :smiley:

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The writing was on the wall when I saw the drop rate was being nerfed. I bought thousands in advance and won’t be running out any time soon.

Why are you scrolled all the way down to the highest prices instead of showing us what they are really selling for on your server?


the highest price?first page

Go to a chest run and you will get so many potions you won’t know what to do with them.

Also, I am sure most of your guild mates will have plenty of mana pots stockedpiled with no real use. Just ask them if they can give you some.

If you are a PvE player only, get 200 int for the extra mana from dodges and extra damage (you don’t need that much healing power in PvE)


thank you but im healer and usually 2.i’m using a firestaff gun to avoid using mana XD

It’s a free market son.

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true broder

I dont see the problem.


there is already no problem with the free market