NEW MASSIVE DUPE EXPLOIT(not a guide just a TP screenshot)

@Luxendra chain :joy: lagado economy is f**ked now

My server - Utopia

You realize by marking this as solved the chances are even less they actually read it right?

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WUHU another shutdown of the trading post…

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then that show how little they give a sht about the game, this is just comedic at this point to have another dupe bug

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Congratulations :rofl:

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I don’t think it says anything about how much they care about the game. That is just your perception.

It does suck to see more dupes and all that but clearly they don’t want them to happen and have gone through significant efforts to prevent them.

@Kay @BRGF @Shadow_Fox @Luxendra probably need to notify everyone haha. Unfortunately if they are based on west coast is kind 5am right now there.

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bye bye trading post, for next 4 weeks


They need to instantly put it down

I have read its anything that can go into the consumable slots.

It was limited time and gives more luck

Close it down already please. Everything we do as of now will be useless anyways

Nothing like good’ol drama

Then just disable trading on food, like they did on furniture.

If there’s going to be a rollback I hope to God they’ll ban every1 who took advantage.

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Because loosing more players is what dis game needs. Right?

Those are not players, they are cheaters.
Getting rid of all bad apples is never a bad thing.


Hello again, MaleOreo, I’m just stopping in here for a moment to update and make sure everyone is aware that this being looked at. Hope all is sorted out soon. You can see the bug thread here.

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