[NEW MECHANIC] Camps and how to fix them

Anyone ever had issues with massive world PvP and the endless respawning on camps? Let me know what you all think of my proposal.

New campsites! Let’s call them “War camps”. War camps can only be made and used while flagged. Requires twice the mats as a typical camp site. Each faction has a faction specific war camp. Other factions can destroy the war camp to stop spawning.

Cap the amount of players that can use the camp at a time (let’s say 50 players max and you can see how many people are currently using it). The war camp has health which scales with the amount of players using it. (Example: every person using camp gives it an additional 25k health). Camps have very little resistances (equivalent to light armor) but takes more fire damage (like burning it down).
While flagged you can only use war camps. Once you use a war camp you have a 30min cool down before you can use another.

This would create a great world pvp balance with camps. Strategies to push through and destroy war camps or even having a team run around the Frontlines to flank. Placing war camps in a strategic area instead of what’s most convenient.

What do yall think?

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Something definitely has to be done. I was so disappointed initially with world PvP learning that if you defend a fort, enemies can just infinitely respawn nearby. Killing a flagged player in the world should send them back to town or you should be able to destroy their camp, 100%.


Exactly. Getting to respawn every 30 seconds on a camp that no one can do anything about is bad design. Make it strategic. I think this idea would make world PvP so much more interesting.

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