New named items/weapons from Mutations are TRASH

I’ve run a dozen Mutations on the PTR up to +6 and have 2 sheds full of 1200 weight named items and some armor from all 3 mutations.

Only 1 weapon out of all of that is anything anyone I know on live would ever use. That includes mega casual players.

If you haven’t run these mutations on PTR, you’re in for quite the shock when you see how bad the items are. I’d say they were all randomized stats/perks, but they’re almost so bad that I think there’s even a chance they were deliberately designed to suck.

Most named weapons have 0 good perks. A small amount of one good perk + 1-2 trash perks but even the ones with one good perk are things like Greataxes with Dexterity, Lifestaffs with Intelligence, Spears with Focus, Hatchets with Int/Dex etc etc.

The loot is really, really, really bad. Sure, it drops in droves, constantly, but it’s all terrible. It’s not fun.


What about weapons like Fury and Will of the Ancients - do they have an increased droprate as well?
Is there any good jewelry in the new loot tables?

No they don’t. We just got more Lazarus Spear of… crap. Maybe we were unlucky, but that’s how it looked.

can you show some screenshots of them?

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