*New* OPR Maps & Game Modes

Hey Amazon team!

Ive been playing since launch and have 144 accumulated playtime in /played. I think its time to drop some new maps and game modes.

Maps - it would be awesome to have 3 to 5 new maps with every type of play style in mind. Some ideas would be to have a Town setting where it would be CQC with some long streets for range. A forest area, modular maps were you can lock doors, open bridges, ect.

It would be nice to hear if your team is working on this because the opr map now is a little dry after almost 1 year of that map only.

Game modes to add.

You will more than likely need to enable cross server gameplay to fill each game mode sense right now even filling opr at times can be rough where youre beging /global to just join so you can start.

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This whole game is tdm even on the forums xD

FFA could be fun capping at 10 players maybe although spawn points would have to be well thought out if we talk about a classic FFA (no rounds).

CTF probably wouldnt work, I feel like it doesnt fit into the genre

KotH (King of the Hill for some who dont know) is just FFA with a more clear victor. Unless making it Kings instead of a King and making couple teams of 3 or 5 or whatever fight. That could work.

In any case NW is in dire, some might say desperate need of more content (especially PvE-wise) so at this point almost anything would work provided its value added and not c/p.

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