New OPR/3V3 Maps

I think PVP people are bored. We have been playing on the same OPR/3v3 Maps for almost a year now. I feel if we got a nice PVP update got a couple new OPR maps, a couple new 3v3 Maps this would be a big play. What does everyone else thing about this?


in general i think its a good idea. I can imagine it taking a while for Dev’s to reskin OPR but then just cycle through them monthly.

3v3 i think has a solid design, and reskinning that should be fairly easy. Have one for each faction.

The game itself has a few basic themes, Ancient Ruins, Overgrown Forest, Pirates, and corrupted locations.


Yeah I would love to see like 2 new OPR maps or just new gamemodes -

I think a brimstone sands theme OPR map would be great!

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Agreed at least 2 new maps so then we would have 3 in rotation. So when we get the old map it’s still exciting.

OPR is so unbearable these days everytime I play a match I feel like uninstalling this game. to me new world is not worth playing without PvP. I do pve activities too but PvP is 80% of my playtime and right now that is not enjoyable at all.

There is no fun world pvp to find anywhere consistently. 3v3 arena is ruled by cheese builds.

OPR is unbalanced and nobody is playing the objectives anymore, its all just bows and muskets statpadding.

We need new pvp content ASAP.


Sounds like somebody is getting farmed for Azoth Salt :sweat_smile:

Definitely needed for next update

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new PVP modes will be added to the game, i’m sure of it, but now there are other stuff to do in the game (EDIT: in developement)

PvP players want:

  • New OPR maps/arena maps/new PvP modes (casual wars or any custom ones)
  • Updates to existing OPR are also welcome OPR game mode - it's time for an update!
  • Rework unused abilities in PvP (cyclone, rapier bleed, whirling blade, throwing hatchets, wind chill, baleful tether, essence rupture, mighty gavel, etc)
  • Rework less used weapon perks: refreshing mighty gavel, slowing tether, etc etc (why some perks are op and some are useless and weak)
  • Some weapon perks on weapons give so low % bonus that they are considered useless when on a weapon - buff them

We want all abilities be cool and viable in PvP so that there’s a build variety in PvP, perk variety, etc


developers will never give us what we ask, they always give the PVErs whatever content they want… EZ Soloable content too… while OPR and arenas been sitting untouchable for a year… some of us dont PVE

please new maps :crossed_fingers:

When are they never?

I do advocate for new OPR maps though, sand would be nice

yeah I’ve suggested this to them multiple times, it should be high up on the priority list!

Also Capture the Flag as a game mode.


Probably won’t be till sometime next year till there is any sort of pvp updates

I guess it would be too much to ask to give us a map builder and let the community do the work? You know we’d get some awesome results, every game I’ve ever played with community map building has had amazing and creative stuff and tons of it.

On second thought maybe that’s a bad idea… someone will just find ways to exploit it.

i want CTF really bad too. That would be cool.

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I don’t want any new instanced pvp modes. I want things that initiate open world pvp. Yesterday in game I saw a faction chat message that they were taking FL Fort. I was eating a chick fil a cobb salad at the time so I though it would be a good way to get pvp xp while I eat. I went there and sat on the point thinking no one would come. But they did! And it was spontaneous/fun pvp, we held people off, got the point, and I got to finish my cobb salad.

why not both?

did we give up on new OPR/Arena maps?

No never!

Id love to see at least 3 3vs3 maps as well as a new OPR and it’s the most needed thing for PvP right now!