New Perk Changes are Insane

Some of these changes are insane. I am having a hard time believing this.

annoying low skill build buffs???

  • Voracious Blade: increased healing effectiveness 10…31…51% while on a void gauntlet.

I have no idea how anyone would look at this and think this is a good idea + Vicious Beacon changes. We already have VG lmb spamming, and it is horrendous to play against with that melee tracking, healing, and damage. People were already solo killing 3+ bad players easily with just lmb, and you go and make it worse.

  • Energizing Feral Rush: has been renamed to Crippling Feral Rush and now causes a 10…20…30% slow for 3s when it hits.

It already has a stagger and a root. I cannot even believe anyone that has played against hatchet in pvp and thought how can they make this more annoying. There are already too many slows in the game. What the fuck.

DoT buffs?

This shit is already annoying enough solo and does nothing when there is a healer. Literally, it is just solo player harassment, and you made it worse.

  • Bleeding Sweep: increases the bleed damage while on a spear 2…9.6…17% also the duration from 4s to 8s .
  • Accelerating Flamethrower: Now also increases burn duration from flamethrower by 10…15…19%.

What builds are you guys using to think that flamethrower should be buffed? How do you think flamethrower is fun to play against? The lowest skill ability in the game gets a buff? Replace the skill already.

Defensive weapon buffs when they don’t need the other damage perks?

  • Healing Tomb: Now heals for 5…18…30% of base health when Entomb ends.
  • Fortifying Sacred Ground: now has increased fortify while on a lifestaff 3…9.7…16%.

Sacred ground can be recast 3 seconds after it disappears, and you still buff it.

Rapier buff…

  • Omni Direction Evade: now also deals 1…10…19% bonus damage after using evade.

At a high level, rapier can just dodge and basic attack almost every melee player to death. Have you guys never seen a good rapier player? Rapier is already the meta pick for every non str builds 1v1 builds. Why are you buffing it for 1v1s?

Musket buffs…

The weapon that has no counter play other than predicting actions like a fortune teller gets buffs. Musket players literally just sit on rocks 200+ yards away because even if someone runs over to them, the melee combat on rocks is almost unplayable. I have also already been 3 shot when I have physical aversion + onyxes + physical sided armor + 150 con in open world by musket and you guys still are buffing it.

  • Empowering Shooter Stance: now has an increased effectiveness (4…23…41%) while on a musket.
  • Crippling Powder Burn: now has an increased effectiveness (5…24…42%) while on a musket.

The hitscan, infinite range, five second slow gets a buff. Is AGS going to provide me a crystal ball so I can run to sun in opr now? Do I need to get a healer to hold my hand down the opr roads?

Can we get actual reasons for these changes like other companies provide in their patch notes? This is so we can provide more meaningful input on these changes for the betterment of the game. Thanks.

TLDR; confused crying


Ah but they also nerfed the dmg of void blade too.

Jfc what do you play? It seems like you’re taking issue with everything :joy:. I’m sure your weapons got something nice too.


all hail muskets hahaha

Just reminder that you can only have one of those two perks on the musket and it does technically remove another perk from the weapon. They still good but don’t see it changing musket much. It’s definitely not overpowered though. People don’t like it and can understand that but plenty of counterplay for sure.

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Yeah, 9 things out of like 200 is everything. If you are standing next to a VG while it basic attacks you, you will lose even with the 8-10% damage nerf. It is mindless garbage, and I should not have to go save my 5 teammates losing to one VG player barely trying while back caping in opr.

Here comes the my weapon defense force. I sure am going to love musket players maxing out their empower after one shot while on a rock 200 yards away. Hoping your opponent is bad is not counter play.

Being able to shoot 5x with a 41% damage buff is uhhhhh, gonna be fun.

Not to mention the extra 50 dex/int :rofl:

Oblivion got nerfed and Blade dmg got nerfed by 10% and so the healing above 50% HP also got nerfed by 10%. And Voracious Blade also scales with weapon dmg so it wont be that strong with that Numbers.


Keep in mind you need wepon with perk on wepon not gear, so you will secrofice crit chanse, or crit dmg or samething else

Apparently enough for a big scathing post :joy:.

Why the heck would I do that, guil? Lol!

I guess that people shouldn’t clump together so that all of that self healing cant kick in. Maybe use some cc? Every time I see some VG tearing through a bunch of people it’s because they’re basically feeding them lifesteal.

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Big agree on the hatchet slow. A slow on that ability is going to be a death sentence every time it hits a player who can’t simply trade blows with the hatchet player.

Even with these changes, VG will still have more healing than it currently has, and it is out trading more than just 10% outside of oblivion.

You got hit with a slow/root.

Yeah, buff the noob stomp builds, so a new player can go in with his 5 man of other new players then get shit on by lmb spam. They totally will still want to play the game.

Oh noooo, people will have to play new weapons

I know how to block and use my own cc :skull:

Please. If they don’t know weapon mechanics by the time they’re pvp-ready, then that’s only their fault. That’s a big “learn to play” from me.

All of these are meta picks for abilities.

Yeah, if they are not having fun playing the game, you telling them to git gud is going to fix that.

They’ll have more fun by not making stupid mistakes that will get them wiped.

So sorry that I have little sympathy for a new group of people that think they’re going to jump a guy, only to get spanked because they dont know mechanics. If they quit on that point it’s on them.

Hatchet isnt meta and Hatchet is going to be good.

Most of the open world melee builds are hatchet. 30% of opr is hatchet. Half the melee builds in 3v3s are hatchet. Hatchet currently is stronger than the spear meme. When is the last time you played?

  • Infected Throw

    • Sped up Infected Throw attack animation
    • Increase dmg from 150% to 165%
  • Mending Infected Throw: now triggers when a target with Infected throw dies and heals for 10…21…31% max health.

It wasn’t super cash money before… but now… this takes hatchet back to old Berserk power levels LOL. I am excited af. A lot of stuff is going to look good after these perk changes and reworks come into fruition.

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Every day. And I have not died once to a hatchet in months

I find it ironic as hell that the more deluded folks in this game somehow thinks their good at a combat system that is going to shit more by the day. Whatever stoke their egos I guess lmao.

Idk what these Changes do, But I can promise you one thing. We’re still going to have great axe and hammer/ice gauntlet lmao. The game is going to still be unbalanced, maybe even more so with these changes.

They can make all the changes they want, But Great axe and ice gauntlet will continue to be the most metary builds in the game. With very limited counterplay.

And you’re saying skills matter in this game? Lmao. I’m sure 95% of the players that left this game in a span of almost a year would agree with you.

Meanwhile I’m playing guild wars 2 pvp, having a time of my life. Where, yeah, there are some unbalanced stuff, but no less fun since I have a lot of options to fight my opponents.