New Perk Changes are Insane

Then enjoy the game you are enjoying? i dont understand why you feel like you have to shit on other peoples fun.

I wouldnt say Guild Wars 2 is exactly lighting the MMO market on fire right now. A game released in checks notes 20 fucking 12.


They should have just made it instant like rend throw. It needs a lot of help.

Meta is usage not if you died to it or not.

Why are you even posting on the forums of a game you don’t play? Ice shower and Grav well got nerfed last patch.

Hatchet use is not higher than any of the good weapons in the game.

Keep trying to convince yourself the hatchet is the meta, but if it was, they wouldnt be hitting it with all of these buffs and changes.

fire staff burning is the weakest dot in the game. it is completely ignored by everyone.
Burning from musket and poison from bow are the kings of dots.

doesn’t matter how long fire staff’s burning lasts, no one cares about it, just eat some food and that’s it, its like the dot is not even there.

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AoE and AoE CC at that will win games especially when taking into consideration that the name of this game is point control.

That being said… I welcome a vast majority of these changes on paper at the very least. Like many have said before, this is the first HUGE combat update since the prelaunch alpha in June/July 2021. Lot of this stuff has been slow cooking and feedback has been taken from players in this regard. The strong weapons are going to stay strong, but you would be lying if you could not admit that there are some killer changes coming in the pipeline (dual stat might be least favorite thing tbh).

I am going to contain myself until I play everything on the PTR, but I right now REALLY want to reinvite my friends to play again just to try things out seeing as to how AGS has FINALLY shown some light on the other weapons WHILE NOT HAVING TO COMPLETE GUT OTHER WEAPONS. Although balance overall will be a caveat, I truly am excited to see what is to come.

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Will have to see how sped up the Infected Throw is as that was really one of the biggest letdowns early on in the war metas. Might rock Bow and Hatchet for maximum debuffs and aoe annoyance LUL.

  • Energizing Feral Rush: has been renamed to Crippling Feral Rush and now causes a 10…20…30% slow for 3s when it hits.

I tank with hatchet as secondary and my ward gears are built around Energizing Feral Rush for increase in Shield Block Stamina… Not impressed with this change at all

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Already too much burst/damage overall. This is going to make it 2 shot and dead. A FPS basicalyl

I know this will be hard to comprehend by some people, but I’d like to see the devs pulling their head out of their asses and get their shit together. This game has potential, and AGS is just tarnishing that potential more and more every patch. If you think me stating fact is “Shit on other people’s fun”, That’s on you.

The fact that Gw2 is still alive after 10 years and thriving should be a testament of how successful it is.

DR is a band-aid fix to a problem where cc break and immunity can solve just as fine. And being able to dodge while rooted didn’t exactly quell people’s complaints about them either.

Wait wait wait! How can 30% of OPR be hatchet when I see 60% of the people on this forum claiming that OPR is 85% Bow/spear/rapier? It seems like we have a statistics problem!!!


I agree with you there. Feral Rush was just a desperate way for me to stagger people close enough while giving enough stamina back for me to reset lol. Probably going to be a perk I leave out of the mix entirely.

Stagger, slow and root from behind is completely unnecessary imo on one skill.

Yeah, it has had a decade to get there.

New World has been released less than a year.

What was Guild Wars 2 like on launch? Was it the game it is today? Probably not.

This patch just hit the PTR today. Have you even played on the PTR or are you just here throwing a fit over notes? Because, in reality, a lot of people on the forums are losing their shit over changes they havent even had a chance to play yet.

And, frankly, I am tired of hyperbole on the forums and reddit.

Either play the game or do not. I dont care. But when you come to the forums and you spread non-sense, people are going to stop and say something.


They buffed a lot of different perks for EVERY weapon. I can’t believe people are already crying about this. Should’ve been nerfs instead ?


Flamethrower damage increases with the amount of stacks you have.

That was just a meme, and people are learning that bow/spear is bad. Also, there isnt a problem with bow other than people crying on the forums about it. SnS/hatchet, GA/hatchet, and even meme builds like bow/hatchet and WH/hatchet can be seen.

OPR now is just 8 healers per team trying to level pvp tracks.

They buffed meta abilities more than the bad ones. Is it too hard to read?


Rending throw is not instant, also how fast is the animation now? Have you seen it?

“Crippling Powder Burn: now has an increased effectiveness (5…24…42%) while on a musket.”

Does this means that u slow by 42% an enemy only if you have the perk on your weapon ?
Like enchanted/keen/ Cripling powderbuff ?

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I have played spear/bow since launch (spear primary mind you) and have never thought it to be bad (even before the bow rework).

Agee. I was just having fun with your statistics statement since the bow has been the favorite thing for many to whine about lately.

I’m old, and while I know what a meme is (from a general standpoint), I have never understood the context of it being used to describe a weapons build. Able to explain it to me?


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It’s just something that people say to describe very niche builds. Especially when it is effective against them 1v1.