New Perk Changes are Insane

Infected throw is still going to be useless for Hatchet players.

What Hatchet really needed was qol fixes to hit box registry snd a full redesign of the right side tree. Making Feral Rush not have to be a complete direct back hit to root eould have been nice as well. Its too limited atm. Having it be a back root only makes it a niche use weapon.

You don’t kill players with Infected Throw much. The added slow on Feral Rush is nice

So if i get it corectly, it’s ONLY if the perk voracious blade is ON WEAPON, so its not that good since 99% of ppl run with Blackguard Vg.

They just want to encourage the diferent combinaison, but i doubt there will be many ppl crafting VG and targeting a BIS vg with : 1 perk + 1 perk + voracious blade…

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Bow Hatchet gonna be CRACKED. Does Mending Infected Throw heal when you are swapped to another weapon!!! Not for nothing, but if you GW → Infected Throw → murder the GW peeps, does that heal you!!! Man the possibilities LUL

I don’t think so. I think they they have to actually die to the infected throw damage

Right, I mean I have gotten that from the context of people using it. I guess what I don’t understand is the reason “meme” is used to describe such builds given its general meaning.

Normally that word is used to described some piece of media (usually humorous and usually a picture) that is imitated or spread across the internet.

Wouldn’t a meme in a game sense not be a niche build but more of a meta build? So GA for most of the game for example…

  • Mending Infected Throw: now triggers when a target with Infected throw dies and heals for 10…21…31% max health.

I don’t know man… :joy:


They did this because when using Hatchet alone when not paired with sword Hatchet was ineffective after they nerfed roots to be dodgeable during the cc period.

So Hatchet couldnt execute its combo of Feral Rush into Raging Torrent. Torrent just swings at air and they roll away.

I see your point, but I seems to be a bit overkill since you’re gauranteed to get the stagger and the melee sprint disable on hit. If the target is going to dodges to iframe your follow up attacks, that puts you in a better position since you likely are already topped off on stamina and ready to continue swinging. Just my perspective when using Hatchet with LA, keen speed, and sometimes 150 Dex.

When I use Hatchet myself for pvp I’m always in light and with Sword. I use the leaping strike combo so its hard for me to judge Hatchet alone for pvp. Personally I think its a back bar utility weapon at best and secondary to sword in the assassin combo.

Feral Rush for me does not consistently stagger players if I don’t hit them in the back. Leaping Strike is odd at times too tbh. Ill hit opponents with it it registers damage but they won’t be stunned. Might be an issue with desync I’m not sure what causes it.

There’s a lot of desync issues with Hatchet do discussing balancing around it for me is tough. A lot of its attacks swing right through opponents or objects and don’t register damage.

The left side tree Perk changes upcoming are nice and should help it out a bit. Its still not going to be in a great place.

feral rush is literally the easiest ability to dodge in the game, get good

Meme = joke. things like the clear out skill. Just bad builds people are messing around with.

They are buffing crafting so “bad” perks like pve perks will be rare. I am not sure how much but it should not be that hard to get after the patch.

I guess everything must be easy to dodge then. Just give everything a slow and a stagger because the other player bad.

nope, just feral specifically. If ur not dodging feral I dont know what to tell you, not only is it easy to dodge but it animation locks them so you can do whatever u want to them for at least 1-2 second, theyre basically rooting them selves once they miss it

I am glad there is no stun setups for feral rush or that it has a long 25+ second cooldown. 1 second animation root give me so much time after dodging to run back and do damage to pop a death save. O wait, all of that is bs.

“My weapon defense force” at it again.

I mean if they’re good player its probably a case of outplaying somebody

Give me an extra no stam dodge, stam regen, and haste, and i can “out play” anyone too by just picking the engagements. Flurry to stagger lock, and riposte damage immunity. The kit is does not need more buffs for 1v1s.

For Arenas I liked hatchet as the main weapon so that could be the diff there. Really was intended to put a lot of pressure on magic and bow users while providing a slight bit of peel with hatchet light attacks on melee bruisers (and red meat for them to engage on me if they so desired lul).

Some games I would play with a Keen Speed VG so that I could slow them with orb of decay or apply ER to help keep my stamina pumping back up between dodge rolls and light attacks. Seeing as to how hatchet throws will not cost stamina and infected throw looks so juicy, I can see hatchet becoming a beast since it itself will more easily apply debuffs while providing pay off on kills. Keen Speed is also going to last for TEN SECONDS on a 20% haste… so my build has a lot of options now LUL.

Good luck with that.

But Guild wars 2 never bombed this hard after a few months. Hell, I don’t think Gw2 ever had 10ks player playing the game as their lowest points after what? 8 Months of being live?

New world did. We’re down to 14k players on average within these 8-9 months, and still bleeding as we speak, and the devs are still botching it up lmao.

Don’t worry, I intend to. But I played this song and dance back in eso. It’s no different here. I don’t have to log into the pts to predict what could happen and express my concerns. When you make drastic changes to a system, there’s going to be dire consequences that AGS has a history of being incapable of keeping under control, and when people find overpowered shit or exploit, AGS isn’t gonna lift a finger to fix it until much later, or if people are causing too much noise. And when they do fix it, they go roundabout ways to fix the issue, like doing blanket nerfs across the boards, or doing the wrong kinds of nerfs without addressing any of the core issue people were having.

But what I’m seeing right now? We’re going to have an even MORE Burstier meta, and that’s the last thing we should be having. The Burst is already absurd as is.

Like this shit isn’t some hyperbole garbage. These are genuine concern people were having. Is it a good thing these people are leaving? Does it mean you don’t have to listen to their criticism you’re dismissing as “Hyperbole”? Are over 885k players that left also say nonsense?

You’d have to time it perfectly as the iframe is a smaller window than a typical dodge

I mean you can say this about any weapon, except some weapons have a greater selection of targets they can engage with on a whim

Flurry staggers with the 3nd last perk on the final strike. flurry and F+F are the two abilities I probably wouldn’t actively use in a PvP setting . It roots you in place and is pretty easy to escape range.

One second self root with a stun that can be easily dodged. I don’t pick it anymore because smart players hit and dodge straight after. Only LMB monkeys actually get hit with it

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You can only choose 1 of those perks to be upgraded and it takes a weapon slot. I think it’s fine to be honest.