New "Pharaoh's Curse" great axe skin

Character Name: JFT
Server: Bembina
Time & Date: Oct, 21st

Hi all, recently I have been playing around with elemental gems and there visual effects, paired with weapons and skins from the store for weapons, great fun, also seems to be some trial and error.

Visual effects (fire, lightning, etc.) do not work on the new Great Axe skin “Pharaoh’s Curse” but work on my War hammer skin “Destroyer’s Wraith” or even other Great axe skins for example.

It would be nice if this was in writing somewhere. I Purchased the new “Pharaoh’s Curse” great axe skin for the sole purpose of applying a cool visual effect to go with it… that did not go as planned, were was the warning? Slightly disappointed. :pensive:

Here is my end result so far. I used a cut brilliant amber (any amber will produce same lightning effect) on my “Destroyer’s Wrath” war hammer skin which was purchased from the store, paired with my “Pharaoh’s Curse” great axe skin, also purchased from the store. Again I applied an elemental gem ( Ruby / Fire ) to the Great axe but no visual effects will show with this new skin that was just released.

Hopefully some insight here for everyone. Can we get a update that allows visual effects to work on the new “Pharaoh’s Curse” great axe skin New World! Was this forgotten?

Cheers all! :yum:

Maybe it was just an oversight since the effects do work on other skins?

I’m thinking so, it would be awesome if they adjusted this issue so visual effects would show on the Pharaoh’s Curse great axe skin. Visual effects show on other skins purchased from the store but not this one, was slightly bummed, I hope this post gets noticed. Lightning effects or fire would pair quite nice with this!

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