New player any suggestions from people here from the start?

Hi, so I just started playing this last night and I’m already hooked as a new player what would you suggest I do based off of things that you wished you had done earlier on? I currently am using a spear and am just enjoying my time with the game. Thanks for any feedback.

Save that gold. In the start it feels like you get alot due to quests, but don’t waste gold.

Buy a cheap house 2.500 gold with the first buy discount in windsward at level 35/40+ to keep your azoth cost low. Teleporting will get exspensive later. Always put stuff in storage before teleportation and pretty much everything is worth something in the game so keep gathering anything!

No need to rush the game, high level content is very buggy at the moment. So keep your time getting level 60 and also focus on gathering and such things.

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Youtube has some great content for beginners, helped me loads. Also


Quit. Or if you’re intent on staying, don’t grind, there’s no need to. Follow the main quest, do sidequests so long as they’re on your way, and do faction quests and town boards (beware of the traps on the townboard, you do not want to do those, there are videos explaining it). And upgrade your crafting tools ASAP, don’t forego gathering and crafting professions.
If you’re in for the long run, do not buy a cheap house, because you get a 50% discount on the first one, so you could save 10k gold on a tier 4 house. Houses are overrated when it comes to leveling, an inn recall is more than enough and the main storyline will make sure you’re never out of azoth to fast travel.

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Don’t spend a single penny of your gold that you haven’t already found a replacement to increase your gold or keep it the same. You need to establish an income before you spend or else.

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Take a very good look at your server before you continue. How is the faction balance? How is the settlement development? Read the global and recruit chat-is it toxic? Is it the language you prefer? These things will matter later.

1.) Mute Global
2.) Stay off Reddit
3.) Hell, stay off the forums too. Go explore and enjoy the game while it holds mystery.


Start leveling up your crafting now by chopping trees, mining, hunting & skinning, etc. The town board has quests to also help with this.

Also- gold is hard to come by but the main & sides quests drop the highest amount. I’d suggest working on side quests in the lower level areas before moving to higher areas.

The 1st house you can get at town respect level 10 is $5000 (I think it might vary, though) & that’s still a bit hard to come by & they make it kinda hard to level up the town respect. Easiest way to do it is work on the town side quests & town board (be aware of the different sections in the board to level up the town). When you level up on the town/map zone you get to choose a kinda perk for that map zone- one will usually be town percentage increase. Choosing that will help level up that town. **THIS is more beneficial for if you want to buy a house in town, so make sure you’re doing board quests more for hosing or for your faction (guild).

Hope that helps! They do need to fix the economy a bit, still. Hopefully we’ll see updates in the next few months regarding this…

You my man should be banned for this…

Don’t spend any gold unless you absolutely have to. Don’t level up crafting buying overpriced mats from the trade post. You can farm all the mats you need. It may be a bit annoying at times but don’t buy stuff from the tradepost.
Don’t do the town board quests that asks for 40 iron bars or 25 leather, you’ll regret it lol. Trust me.
Have fun! It’s a good game and if you like to quest, explore, gather, craft you’re going to have a great time.

You can make decent money selling t1 crafting mats like iron and rawhide.

Dont listen to this guy. Rush to 60 and come back to earlier zones to lvl up your crafting if you give a shit. Focus on your endgame pvp gear. Pve is stupidly easy

Play at your own pace.
Save as much coin as you can.
Before joining a Company make sure you get a general idea of how they play

And most importantly - Ignore the trolls on the forums and in-game.

Just play until level 25-30, then come back to forum and cry with everybody

i’ve heard something happens at level 30?

do players get burnt out because they only half way there?

They get burned out because the quests never change. Go to A and pick up 8 chests and come back to B. You have to take a break from the game for a little while or you will suffer boredom

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