New player, asking for honest advice

So these fresh start servers were never actually announced (yet). There has been talk about it from the devs, but nothing confirmed. If i were you, i wouldn’t put time off your job at all until they at least confirm them and actually give a date. You could also just start now and get a feel for the game, and then just make another character when fresh start servers come out.

There is a certain fear of “missing out” for a lot of people, but i wouldn’t worry about missing out on anything. The game will be there when you’re ready, and no matter when you start, there will always be people ahead of you, so don’t get caught up in the missing out mindset.


Edit: With all infos given, FSS are highly likely to happen.

I believe that the best experience will be on fresh start servers. Period. I am myself waiting to enter the game again once they launched.

We received a tweet by Katy, stating that this week there would be no new info on FSS. So we are left speculating. What we also do know is that there highly likely will be a Twitch event coupled to them “Return to Aeternum”.
With all that, maybe (!) next week the info drop to prepare everyone and the week after that FSS.

If you can wait a while longer, do that. If you want to test out the game now, you could jump in and test out things to your liking. Or download the PTR and play the new starting experience.

I played Albion during last summer Alpha up to after release and New World felt great when it worked.
Hope any of this helps.

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Fresh start servers haven’t been confirmed by the devs. I recommend just jump in and have a good time now.

Even if you were to wait for fresh start servers, there will be a huge number of players with vast experience and knowledge who will efficiently take control of fresh start servers shortly after they open, if they are implemented at all. Fresh start servers are just another example of, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”


Honest answer from someone that has been playing since release.

Starting now or on a hypothetical fresh start server will make no difference. Active servers have new people starting all the time so there will be people around your level.

Hypothetical fresh start servers will have sweatys that are level 60 625GS in 2 - 3 weeks owning WW and Everfall.


fresh start not confirmed. I’d personally wait 1-2 more weeks for an announcement, if there isn’t something by then Id just start new

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for the new players DONT play this game yet until they release fresh start servers with NO transfers. there is way to much duped inherent wealth in the game and you all will be so far behind, with duping still happening every update they do.

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Less about servers and more about game experience; wait for the revamped 1-25 quests which should be with fresh start servers and fairly soon™. You will enjoy the game more with the revamped story line/ early level questions…


Past exploits have zero impact on individual gameplay. You can’t prove otherwise.


Damn a lot of different opinions from everyone.
Well thanks, I will probably wait 1~2 more weeks to see if an announcement comes up so I can start on the so called Fresh Start servers and with the new leveling experience from 1~25.

Anyway, most of your answers were very helpful I look forward to have some fun in this game :smiley:


Hey Rekt, just to throw this out there too - Its likely Brimstone sands will be released at the end of October, starting now you have the opportunity to -

  1. Get access to cheap materials, armor and weapons for leveling/endgame because of market saturation

  2. Join a company with accomplished and knowledgeable level 60s to give you a hand with leveling, questions, materials… etc

  3. Not have to worry about getting stuck on a quest because everyone is at the same point as you (something that could only happen on a fresh start server)

Speaking from personal experience, most of the 60s are waiting for the update so when I log in, Im harvesting, doing PvP or looking for players who might need a hand.

I think you will find many likeminded individuals to help you get to 60 and ready for Brimstone for when it drops!

Edit: by the way, not to fire shots… but any mention of dupes is likely from an uninformed player - the economic state of the game has NOT been effected long term by dupes. Its just fearmongering.

Cheers man and goodluck.


Thanks man.
I may just start to see how it is, but won’t take any day offs for that. Will wait for the fresh start to get some vacation time to play.

Good idea - Honestly getting to 60 is probably one of the most challenging parts of the game because it requires time, focus and dedication.

One of the main reasons 90% of the player base from release never got there lol.

So its definitely not something you are likely to do twice.

  1. To ask your question, you should wait at least until the expansion comes out because they revamped the leveling experience. Either if they add Fresh servers with blocked transfers or not,( i hope they will), you should still wait until after the patch if you want to see the new improved leveling experience.

  2. Its a stupid ideea to take days of vacation to play any kind of game. Use your free days to do something cool. The game will be there waiting for you.


Isn’t this pretty much confirmation they will happen. We just need to wait for info.

Btw i also started playing NW like 2 weeks ago to get a feel for the game. Did a lot of pvp and dungeons, currently lvl 45. So i’d say if you don’t have anything better to do just play around for a bit until fresh start servers come.


In wouldn’t take anything people say on here as they are going to do it. So make your decision without thinking thats going to happen. There will most likely be new servers depending on how many comeback but no tranfer lock.

Its up to you they are having a new starting experience that pretty cool coming with in The month that is better then the current one which is a bit more grindy. But both end up the same way lvl 30+

Also if some tells you that your going to have problems being competative becuase of money they are wrong. As a broke boy thats never had more then 100k and still does well in wars you don’t need the 1 mil+ gear and purple bis will work fine. Also with the new update and the golden scarabs gear will be even cheaper or you can just role it yourself.


The most current update on FSS ^

So this is actually correct.


Take time off at least 1 (2 would be best) weeks after the big patch drops. Historically, the game completely breaks after a big patch and the reaction time from AGS can be quite long.

I would not come back before the patch:

  • Potentially Fresh Start server are coming
  • The new 0-25 lvling experience is worth the wait
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We don’t know when these servers are coming. Some say with the release of Brimstone others say after. I would NOT put in any time off right now until you know the exact date. Also, fair warning, I am sure plenty of people will want on these too so you may have a loooonnggg queue and maybe have server issues.

I highly recommend never taking days off for games on launch type dates. Because there is a good chance you may waste your time off getting very minimal playing time from what you may expect.

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For new players fresh start won’t really change anything, while you figure out the game the alts will all be lvl 50. I’d start right now, get to around lvl 25 - 35. Follow the MQ. Get through Starstone - which won’t be hard since you’ll easily find a carry.

Play with all the weapons you can as early as possible. Respec is free up till lvl 20 and lvl 10 weapon. Then after 20 hours in game you should have a decent idea what route you’d take if you do a fresh start…

The beauty of NW is that you are never locked into a play style. You can always respec, and try things out without being afraid of getting stuck in a given path.

Eventually you’ll figure how attributes work and then you’ll know the types of armor you’ll want to keep vs dump to maximize your build and play style.

If you do a Fresh Start after you figure all this out, you’ll get to lvl 30 solo around 3x faster then the first run.


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