New player Returning

Hi there, im a New world player returning after MONTHS of not playing i decided to give this game another go (i quit early after launch at lvl 60 in a leading company because AGS decided to break their own TOS and allow overwolf minimap addons BEFORE they even allowed, wich was a clear game advantage for the ones downloaded it).

I, a Former top 20 world guild raider in world of warcraft, decided to start this game again… I redownloaded this overnight and transffered to Dry Tree with the free transfer i had.
My first concer, being #1 in que and going up to #2, #3 and back to #1 for hours. WTF is this AGS?
i googled this and appearently this is NOT a new thing, but has been an issue since 2021? lol

my second issue, i was trying to look up some better gear in the market (wich takes a while), and i got kicked for “connection error” at some point and dropped back into a #1 queue…
Seriously? you kick me to get back into a queue while browsing the market?

How are you guys trying to attract new or returning players like that?
I’m honestly on the idea of deleting the game AGAIN after just 1,5 days.

1 i shouldnt be in a Queue, i have been in one for a LONG TIME already trying to give this game another go.

2 i shouldnt be kicked browsing the market.

WTF is this?

Queue u see #1, #2 or #3 is not realistic. If u wanna see realistic number of players on queue, check on server list or this site:

We all see the same queue #1, #2 or #3. But doesnt take that long, as example today, 03.09.2022, there were 400+ on queue and took me like 15-17 min to login.

About ur second issue, when u stay some time on Trade Post pay attention to top right corner for AFK kick message.

But there are also recent threads about other players having lags/teleports/freezes in game in past days or recent weeks.

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