New Players? Are there any?

Are there any new players?
I’m not hardcore and still have several low level dungeons to do.
There is no one in the starting zones on my server and very hard to find a lower level group.
Is everyone level 60 now?

I do lower level dungeons myself as a tank or dps or whatever ppl want as a 60 just because you get uncut gems and gold + i like helping lower level players do content. Just spam recruitment channel until full or 1 or 2 60s in your group and you can 3 man

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I just started the week of christmas. I have found, at least on my server, just LFG for the instance you want and you will get some replies, i had like 3 60s go through Armine with me the other day.

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The newbie beaches are crowded 24/7…

…with killbots.

New bots

The community is 30-40% bots. The “new player” community is closer to 90-95% bots.


i saw this cute lady at the beach slaying zombies,
i tried to interact with her in a very social way
flirting with her, giving her compliments about her booty
the way she swings the sword over and over to slay zombies very impressed me.
i tried to get her to reply, doing everything i could

just to find out
it was a bot, i socially interacted with a bot

it made me feel bad for the rest of the day.

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I thought I was a bot while playing last week.

Turns out I was just bored.

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Better then finding out she is a 65 year old gammin granny like me!

Get yourself to Windward. That’s a busy starter zone or Everfall. Monarchs and Firstlight are dead as a door nail.

When you’re ready to do Amrine and Starstone just ask for help in the help section in chat. Folks are always around and willing to help. For them (lvl 60’s) it’s easy cash.

Japanese are flirting with bots on purpose, its normal in some countries.

There are definitely new account bots. Not sure that will help you though.

Answer to your question: No.

Some players might return for 1.4, but there hasn’t been an influx of new players in a while.
The fact that they don’t allow and we don’t need alts does not help.

ok i have to be careful and diplomatic on what i will reply here so ill just say …



it wasn’t a bot. it was me. i just didn’t like you. also, i am a man.

Well at least on EU Central we have newish people, just today we got 2 New people in our company … So there are New Players … But not THAT much as someone would expect

Know that feel, bro. Know that feel. :frowning:

I am in the same boat and would LOVE to do the low-level dungeon/quests…
My main toon is level 46, so not long to go till 60… but getting people to run dungeons are impossible.

I don’t have time to wait around until someone is willing to help.
I didn’t rush to level 60 like a lot of people did. They had the benefit of others needing to run dungeons with them, I don’t have that as most people have already completed them and really don’t want to do them again.

There needs to be something that can remedy this problem.
I would love to finish these quests/dungeons…

LMAO, guess I’ll keep that to my self when I’m cracking heads in pvp.

We’ve had one in my company that started recently, but a lot of us are spending much less time playing, every day it’s getting worse now.