New potions PVE ONLY

Srr for bad English.
We can agre for pvp new auto pot is bad bad bad, but in pve i think ot will be nice ( specialy then try drink pot but you get staggered by 5 mobs ) so maybe ags can make it pve only and reduse cost price by 70% ,becose nobody wana use 1 pot for 500 gold ;D

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How is it bad for PvP?? Ppl who cant push 1 button more get less heals and considering these pots have a longer CD I find it fair. If you cant push 1 extra button in PvP you wont improve.

Becose now mele player need to think then he need take step back and use pot, same for other players. But only mele player will get full benefit for auto pot


?_? Bro I know enough meele players that wont use those pots because they know its pointless

Yeap, but in pve it will be nice i think

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Ya true PvE I dont see a issue just because it is a mindless grind most of the time. Even then though imma stick to the normal pots

They thought 300Str grit was annoying.

I wonder what they’ll say when gritted melee player does not have to take a break from swinging because his new pot gives him enough sustainability to secure the kill.

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