New PTS Realm Petition

Im all up for testing / hunting bugs aswell, sign me up!


I dunno, sounds pretty Sus.

These Streamers just trying to get in on those 0-day exploits!

For real though the PTR doesn’t need to be streamer only, but I do think a PTR would be a lovely idea.

These on the fly live hot fixes are not it.

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Streamers are not “special VIPs,” anyone can stream, and should be treated no different then any other players.


Exclude anything only for twitch streamers, good way to get rid of everyone that is not a twitch streamer. NO special treatment for basement dwelling asmondgold wannabe’s.


Please let’s keep topic related to PTS Server, I corrected my wording in OP

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What exactly is the point of having a PTS for streamers or an NDA if the whole point is public testing?

NDAs only make sense if they’re being signed on as voluntary help with privilege to the CMs’s direct reports/communications on upcoming things/potential issues to be tested.

Unless you’re suggesting private, and not public.


It would be nice if they gave us a PTS per Region that would be awesome.

But I assume that is a lot to ask for, so for time being 1 main PTS server would be perfect!!!

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@neovictrix Very good point, I would be open to either or…

SIGN THE PETITION: Petition for New World PTS Server ·

Maybe this will help…

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Come on Fellow Explorers!

I think this is a hastily jumped to idea in an attempt to be the one who suggested it.

I don’t believe that the game in it’s current state warrants resources being funneled to a PTS and a live service. I feel that it would be irresponsible management to do so currently.

I think the responsible thing to disable live services and focus on a PTS. Open the live services once the PTS reports a stable build. Then from that point out, run the 2 versions alongside one another in proper fashion. If the build presents bugs, don’t update it until there’s no bugs.

But that is a fantasy world where people (investors in this case) do the right thing.

The right thing doesn’t make money though and the live service isn’t going to shut down. So for the time-being… we are currently playing the PTS.

I don’t support a PTS at this time.

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True @Delmerik what we are playing should be the PTS Realm… but tell that to

You’re already on the PTS…

I was thinking the same thing. Why don’t they have a PTS? What they really need is a realistic testing environment so they can catch critical bugs before they’re pushed to the live servers. Let’s do this, AGS!

This seems very suspect, you wanted special access and NDAs get called out and now are ok w/ it being public.

Which is it?

Yes, a lot of us would be really sad. But I think ultimately it’s the best idea. Save the progress of everyone in it’s current state. Clone everything to a PTS enviroment (every server included). Then fix the issues on that until the game is in a reasonable state in regards to key things.
•Currency exchange verification
•Game-breaking weapon bugs(not all but the big ones like hatchet)
•Converting the way chat is currently handled (the code insertion issue still isn’t actually fixed, just…lessened)

I think the game is in a complete playable state otherwise even with the irritating war lag. But if currency and items can be duplicated, and people can bug weapons out for ridiculous damage, the persistent game should be shut down.

IDK its poopy

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@Delmerik hmm that’s not a half bad idea yo!

@Specter_1776 Create a PTS Server

People only use PTS realms to test new features

No one actually runs around doing weird stuff trying to find bugs

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