New Pve Gamemode (Homestead) Devs please read!

I would love an alternative to outpost rush for non-pvp.

In this game mode, you would be sent to a “Homestead” to help defend against different types of enemies while at the same time, players are presented with an enemy breach or (base) on the opposite side of the map that is spewing monsters sent to kill you and your homestead.
Main mission is to defend your Homestead and eliminate the enemy threat at the core/breach/heart.

  • Joining a Match

-You will be able to que in almost the same matter as outpost rush by interacting with the Homestead personnel and clicking join.

-Pregame countdown timer: 3 minutes to strategize with your team and assigning team members for offense or defense while within the Homestead and begin equipping appropriate gear set as relayed by Homestead scout.

-Homestead scout- Is a NPC generated person that will give the group a notice of what the current enemy type is when everyone is accounted for and will be given 3 minutes to adjust their gear accordingly.

-Enemy type- Each encounter/match will have a randomized type of opponent i.e corrupted, lost and so forth and will be one type per match.

End of countdown timer:

When the game starts, offensive team players can exit through gates of the homestead and begin moving forward to start capturing and rebuilding outpost in different areas of the map that allow for region buffs to assist in gaining more primary attribute for the players if captured and rebuilt by the players. I.e 10% extra damage against currently selected monsters for the instance or 10% increased resistance against selected enemies. Only 3 main attributes will be applied, including the stated above plus the main WARD buff allowing the players to enter the enemies main base.

  • Outpost

-There will be 3 types of outposts with 3 buffs on map/region that will be scattered throughout the instance.

-Each outpost will be manned by one miniboss and additional enemies to defeat.

-Once an outpost is captured, the outpost must be rebuilt utilizing the resources and an additional respawn point can be created using resources while applying the buff for the specific outpost to the rest of the team. I.e 10% damage buff, 10% damage resistance, or WARD buff.

Main mechanic of Outpost criteria to be completed by players

One random outpost will have a dedicated buff that will enable the players to breach and be immune to the enemy base/core debuff to help alleviate spam rushing the core/heart and that way multiple outposts must be explored or if lucky find the WARD buff on the first outposts.

Main enemy base if entered will quickly kill players if entered before receiving outpost WARD buff.

  • Resources

-Starmetal will be located throughout the map to be collected by players and be adding these materials to the outpost for respawn points and upgrading walls/gates.

-Wyrdwood will be located throughout the map to be collected by players and be adding these materials to the outpost for respawn points and upgrading walls/gates.

-Pelts will be located via animals scattered throughout the map to be collected by players and be adding these materials to the outpost for respawn points and upgrading walls/gates.

-Herbs will be located throughout the map to be collected by players and be crafted into potions for additional damage buffs.

  • Enemies

-Every time a group of players enter a match, there will be a randomly selected type of monster to allow for a refreshing game, I.e (Lost, corrupted, ancient, beast, angry earth) for the instance.

-Enemies will be continuously moving towards the homestead as mentioned before. With this being said, enemies can arrange/spawn forward positions as well if not dealt with by defenders.
Meaning they will be able to set up spawn points near the homestead therefor requiring the attention of the defenders to maintain the walls and gates at all times while the offensive team pushes forward.

Enemy base / Game Completion

Enemy breach/base will utilize a heart or a core in a guarded location surrounded by walls that needs to be killed/cleansed in order for the game to end, however this will not be an easy task.

Step 1: Capture and rebuild outpost that has the WARD buff is mandatory.

Step 2: The offensive players must construct a battering ram near the front of the enemy gate by using resources on the map or constructing a couple of trebuchets a hundred yards away from the main enemy gate to breach the enemy walls/gates again by utilizing the resources on the map. The walls and gates can be killed by weapons utilizing siege perks but will take a little time, that way people are not able to just rush the final boss and kill the heart/core.

As mentioned before, the WARD buff outpost must be captured and rebuilt in order to enter the final area or you will take significant damage if entering the area, however players can still work on constructing the battering ram or trebuchet while this is still in the works, that way there is always still something needing to be completed.

Step 3: Breach the walls of the enemy, kill the boss, enemies and kill or cleanse the heart of the enemy base depending on the type of enemy selected for the instance. I.e “Corrupted” core needs to be cleansed to complete the game or the “Lost” kill the hive heart.

Step 4: Game win or game loss if Homestead’s hearth is destroyed at friendly defense by enemies breaching our gates and killing the hearth.

*** Rewards**

-1000g per win + gear box drop
-500g for a loss.

-Reward system including stackable materials similar to that if combined after 1000 mats accumulated can equal a legendary weapon/armor piece of a set that increases damage/health and certain resistance buffs against enemy type while inside of the homestead encounter.

-100 mats per win
-50 mats per loss

-50 Cosmetic mats per win
-0 cosmetic mats per loss

Example: Homestead Armor -------

Homestead Defender’s Helm for tanks
: 20 Strength
: 10 Constitution
: Perk 1: Homestead’s Front - “Current enemy type damage received reduced by 5%”
: Perk 2: Homeland - “Current enemies take 2.5% extra damage”

-Cosmetics materials to be unlocked at the homestead store that includes new skins for armor and weps alike to show your valiant feat while defending the homestead.

  • Replay

-Replayability in this game mode will offer a different enemy type with each encounter so it will not be the same match every time and will allow players to utilize their different play styles and even allow people to enjoy their other weapons even more to combat the specific type of enemy.

With this in perspective, one match you may be encountering the corrupted and the next match you may face the lost, which is by far my favorite type of enemy lol. So, like I said, there will be a randomness to the type of enemy encountered for each match, so this keeps the game mode refreshing and keeps it less stale. The outpost per region/map will also be randomized that way players will not keep rushing the same outpost every time and allows for player communication to help strategize to complete the game quicker.

  • Defense of OUR Homestead

Homestead itself, I know I briefly touched on this but, this will be a castle/home vibe that will be defended with walls and gates alike. Yes, I know this sounds like invasion, but you have to wait for certain times of the day to play with this playstyle and some of us with jobs (not to offend anyone that doesn’t, as I can relate to it as well) cannot make these time slots. So back to the homestead.

-The areas of the homestead can be upgraded using the resources around the map to improve the walls and weapons on the walls as they will be tested from time to time. While in the homestead, there is a homestead hearth that must be defended at all times otherwise if killed, the players will lose the game. Players must coordinate a strategy for defense and offensive teams. There will be a 3-minute countdown timer at the beginning of the match to help assist with communicating who needs to go where.

  • Mutators with increased rewards

-If there does become a point which I’m sure there will, that the game mode becomes too easy, I would like to incorporate the addition of mutators to give it a little extra spice for our hardcore community. With this also being said, there can be mutator currency for better forms of the homestead armor/weps with increased stats and better perks.

  • Conclusion

I do hope that this new game mode enters the New World community as I would love to play this game mode for countless hours and would love to call work for a sick day on release because I know we all do it hahahahha. Please like, favorite, and upvote this idea. Also please leave suggestions for helping improve this idea. DEVS PLEASE READ! Love you!!




Try to be more concise, write with punctuated lists, use formatting to entice the user to read. Nobody will read a wall of text, let alone a dev.


copy, thank you. I will adjust this asap!

I adjusted and added a more detailed scope of the game mode. Thanks for the Feedback, let me know if there is anything else I can improve upon.

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This is over complex and leads to a very long play game mode. I like the idea of having different mob types though. It might be a way to change up the fort invasion game mode into a play anytime mechanic like OPR.

I mean im ok with this as well, we just need more pve que game modes for a little more spice rather than just mutated dungeons. Im just throwing it out there for the devs and see what they think. I really want unlockable cosmetics as well and think that would be really cool especially for certain game modes.

That is literally what he did. There was good paragraph separation, bullet points, very easy to read.


He edited it. It was 3 long paragraphs originally.


Understood, thanks for clarifying that. I get triggered by grammar cops lol. Had one back in high school, used to drive us nuts.

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Thank you for your feedback!! Please let me know if there is anything I can improve on!

So basically an expedition with a scripted attack on a defendable location. Kinda like Mt. Hyjal raids in WoW. It could be interesting but I don’t see it as an OPR alternative just a different style of an expedition.

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This is fine too; we just need some new pve instanced modes other than OPR and something more open than an expedition or make invasions joinable whenever you want because that is a lot of fun. Thanks for your feedback!