New PVE/PVP content

This will probably get lots of hate but did anyone here played Sea of Thieves ?

The entire game is revolved around players trying to collect loot from place A and take it to place B with the risk of other players engaging in naval battles for your loot.

I would love to see something similar in New World. Of course they can’t do the same thing but having quests where you need to deliver ancient relics to some NPC for gold, shards or anything else with the risk of other players fighting you for it seems exciting.

This could bring world PVP back on track as well as provide PVE players with engaging elite boss battles and exploration as solo or group

Similarly, trade pack runs from ArcheAge would be an amazing addition, if done right.


That used to happen with the faction missions at first, but when it got worse and they didn’t keep putting out “updated” equipment, this happened to 2nd or 3rd plane. They added a couple of things to the store but increased the quest reward considerably.

I insist, I think that the first 2 months when the game was just released, were the best.

Well, the best way for this to work is to create a reputation system with rewards. Whenever you turn in the item for the quest you get (insert reward) and a small reputation bump. Similar to the faction shop, but the grind needs to be way higher, and the rewards at the end should be worth the effort. Give players a good title, shards, the option to purchase a 4’th house in an exotic region or something that you can’t get in the game otherwise.

To avoid imbalance the maximum players allowed in a group should be 3 for these quests and they should avoid making the same mistakes like they did with GC.

The quests should also be different from “collect some useless quest item from 10 chests” type of thing.

Make interactive quests where you have to siege a fort full of PVE enemies with a boss at the end guarding some sort of relic or a key to another relic site. They have the brain power to create a game, they should have the imagination to make it fun as well

Hey there George90, thanks for taking the time to write out this suggestion. I will make sure this is recorded for you and I’d love to see other player opinions on this as well. Thanks all!

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