New pvp Gathering bonus doesn't work?

So I tested this bonus today, gathered about 3000-3500 orichalcum ore with 9250 mining luck + pvp flag on. Got around 26 tolvium & 7 cinnabar.

That’s it.

I had better results before update. I didn’t feel any difference at all, except for them “fixing” 300str one hit… which makes this even more tedious now.

P.S. I know that 9250 mining luck vs 12250 mining luck doesn’t make it much different…


Same about 300 con

But they said they fixed it…

yep, now it is either procs on first hit or it doesn’t… good bye jumping miners.

same her, 2.5k Orichalcum with full Gear, 3 Luck Houses, and lvl 5 Buff food and, NOTHING !!! Nor Cinnabar, no tolvium… NOTHING!!!

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I noticed this morning I got no difference in a 5000 Oric Ore farm than I got before. Unless I got crap RNG the 30% isn’t working at all.

Your results sound about average. Sample size too small for definite conclusions.

I was getting way worse results until I decreased one piece from 5% to a lower one, and then cinna and tolv started dropping. Before I swapped nothing was dropping at all.

I have noticed way less gems dropping too- only got one drop of gem using full set, and still very few after reducing my total luck…

it either doesn’t work at all, OR they made it as a “diminishing returns”, as if you have 8000+ luck, you get nothing from it.

That was the problem they said they had fixed, which was that you could roll over the ‘band’ and get nothing…but it appears they have failed to fix it properly.

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My sample is too small, but considering how many people in this thread already confirmed it, its no longer as small.


that was the problem for t2,t3,t4 nodes, and they actually did fix it, I tested it and got tons of stuff that I haven’t ever seen. We are talking about t5 nodes tho.

It works. Your RNG sucks.

Have you tried praying to RNGesus? He’s our lord and saviour.

it is possible, considering this bonus supposedly changed my 9% chance to 12%, which isn’t much.

RNGesus saves.

They don’t seem to stack, my numbers seem to indicate that when you are pvp flagged gear luck isnt adding on top of the flag luck. I got my best results unflagged in my harvesting gear still.

People reporting that fishing chests (which already sucked) are no longer dropping T3+ gems, at least not at the rate they were before.

There are too many shadow changes…

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