New "pvp only" Servers?

What, may I ask, constitutes a “true” PvP person?

ikr, i love the idea

  1. it will remove a bunch of the toxic mofos who gank you when you’re just trying to do a flagged peace only chest run.

  2. I get to watch the world burn and eat popcorn

win win win

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most people who flag are only doing so because they’ve been bribed by the devs wiht a heavy luck bonus. they don’t want to pvp. they will run away if you try to pvp them.

I flagged from level 10 to just recently on an alt I was playing as main for awhile. I was one of these pvp for luck only ppl. in that time probably 1400 hours or so. I ran across three flaggeds who attacked me. 1. I negotiated with for him to leave me alone. 2. I ran from, 3. successfully ganked me. the rest of the flaggeds I saw let me be and I let them be.

chest runs are the exception. again 99 percent want to just get their stuff and leave you be. but you get groups of gankers there on occasion. it just feels toxic because we dont want to fight.

they should take flagging for luck out because it isn’t doing what they thought it would do. it isn’t working. more flag yes but they STILL DON"T WANT to pvp lol. it is a fake number.

anyway those are not real pvpers even though they are flagged

According to who?

Assuming what’s true for you is what is true for everyone else is called projecting.

Then don’t flag?

You don’t need to flag to reach the luck thresholds you need for chests.

Ok but that still doesn’t answer what a “true PvPer” is.

Is it someone who just attacks everyone on sight or is it someone who just likes playing with an added level of depth to social interactions or is it someone who wants to role play the whole faction vibe?

How would you describe a “true PvPer”?

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I think I’ve explained why I think it’s true. it has nothing to do with what is true for me being projected on to everyone else. if it wasn’t true everyone I see flagged would be attacking me. they aren’t. most do not want to pvp when they are flagged. I think as a heavy farmer 1000 plus hours on the field would be ample time to figure that out. I saw other flaggeds regularly. most had zero interest in fighting. out of all the time there were three who wanted to fight…

forming a conclusion on that evidence is something I feel pretty confident in.

on your second point. go read the luck document. it does make a difference. you can’t have too much luck. and if I was getting ganked every single time regularly… I would stop flagging. as it is it’s pretty safe. it’s just annoying af when it does happen .

on your third point. a true pvper is someone who is there for the pvp. the vast majority who flag are not there for the pvp.

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This does have a nice gameplay loop aspect. I think they should have PVP resources which can be harvested during PVP area’s/events. It’s how company’s should be funded basically, not via a PVE currency which then sends the market into overdrive. saw a 500,000g trinket the other day. Just broken.

Its why servers occasionally suffer from mass migrations, some company’s get too powerful because they control markets and buy the BIS gear for their players making every fight one sided.

people don’t like new world because it is unbalanced as F… nobody cares if a weapon does 10% more dps in PVE

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I just copy pasted this from NW wiki:
Someone who is making QQ topics on daily basis about nerfing builds/weapons instead of adapting (FOTM). Someone who will play on a PVP server from day 1 and in same day would make entitled topic how this game is unbalanced faction/build etc wise. Someone who lose to another player/opponent and after that he is spaming general chat/forums/discord oppponent obvious was using some sort of hacks, cheats etc, also verbaly abuse life staff why they don’t ban that player he know s he is pvp player (more LIke Karen player). Someone who applies solo in OPR and QQ about losing to a premade. He is a pvp player he should win. Someone who thinks he is a pvp player but would quit in less then a week if pvp servers was a thing.

There it is. That’s what you think PvP servers are about.

This is just a poor understanding of PvP mechanics in MMOs.

Being flagged doesn’t mean just attacking people for the sake of attacking them. That’s sociopath behavior. There are, obviously, many underdeveloped minds playing video games, but to lump everyone in to the actions of a few is just absurd.

An always flagged status in an MMO is a matter of playing a game where your choices have consequences. You’re in a persistent world with the same people. Whether friend or foe, relationships and behaviors are developed and used for great good or dastardly deeds.

It’s a freedom and depth to gameplay that PvE-only people don’t experience.

That’s just your average MMO player. Easy to get the two confused.

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Yes, there are some who lose and they are the owners of bot accounts. They cry for a reason in every post about PvP in this game.


That’s true, with active PvP you are forced in a certain sense to be part of a guild and make groups with your faction to make different contents, which does not happen today.

That’s very true, I don’t usually attack at lower levels than me (I know I’ll win), but when someone attacks you and you defeat them there is nothing like it. The problem is that there are stupid people everywhere and some take advantage of the lower lvls, but it is something totally solvable.

Hi Halcyon,

Thanks for asking. I re-read my old posts (I don’t have many) and couldn’t find that reference. Sorry. But if I said it, I think it there are many want-to-be players that try PVP and easily jump back out. So I think I meant, there just isn’t a big amount out there to support a whole server. But I will be first to admit I am wrong and be pleasantly surprised. I am not against AGS trying a PVP only server… just that my hopes got dashed so much over the last 20 years plus with PVP MMOs that I am not sure it might work. I guess I also fear that if it doesn’t work, it will discourage the current PVPers and they will quit the game and bash it in public.

I would love to see a successful PVP only server but not sure now is the time with trying to fix what is out there and create new content to keep the current people happy (and pull in new people). I think it is just a matter of time, over a longer haul, the awesome game matures even more and there will be so many players playing that AGS can try the PVP only server without risking an unintended backlash.

Thanks for asking and I hope that explains my opinion a little better!

The truth is this game won’t survive too long with only 30k concurrent players. AGS listened to the PvE players and it didn’t work. There’s just not enough interest for chest runs and LMB smashing expeditions. Time to listen to PvPers for once and bring back some of the 95% players who quit.

As mentioned above, MMO’s who have both PvP and PvE servers are populated 10:1 in favored of PvP servers.

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Conflicts can be fun and with full on pvp, guilds or companies will be more useful, and there will be politics too, ppl can camp quest spots and ppl can ask for help to gank others. Pvp server has its fun.

But to make it more fair to new players, higher level ppl cannot pk lower level, only same level or higher, starting at lvl 60 regardless of GS, its open season.

People underestimate the value of the type of community a PVP server would create. Due to PVE servers being 100% safe they remove the need to collaborate or really play together with anyone in any meaningful fashion.

A full PVP - 0 faction server would require folks to actually get to know each other. The fact it didn’t work in alpha is a straw man - that’s like playing online poker with fake money. It’s a different game when there’s actually money on the line and people are not going “all in” every hand.

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I played Ultima and Darkfall for quite some time and so far nothing has ever come close to the PVP fun I had in those games. It could be done here as well and if they did it right instead of just scrapping it lazily like they did in the 1st place and would be quite awesome with this action style. Everyone rebuttals it won’t work due to grief/players, but this is just not true, this has been based off of one incident on a certain beach and gave everyone a bad taste for it. In the 2+ years I played Darkfall I seldomly saw any kind of grief, most of which was only early on when you could not defend yourself and even so once you got the hang of the mechanics what an adrenaline rush it was. I understand full loot would be really hard the way the gear system is now so something new would need to be devised, but it’s very possible and just from the posts alone on the forums shows how many players would love this to happen. I don’t think at least one server would kill any PVE players or their experience, specially since you don’t have to play on the PVP server and well you have how many PVE servers to play on already :slight_smile:

me and my friends lvled up to lvl 60 at the release, lvled a bit gear score and stoped. the combat is amazing but there is no world pvp no any hardcore part in it. only pve. there is many people that will play the game on pvp servers even with full loot or without. or semi full loot.


I have changed my mind on PVP servers, yes set a few up and allow transfers BUT you cannot transfer off them your char is bound to the server. Will help clear out the toxic’s :slight_smile:

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