New queue error in overpopulated servers, plz respond

Okay dear Amazon. I was silent whole time from da release day. I played your wonderful game during the working day coz there is no que in this time. After i come from da work there is always 2-3k ppl que’s and it’s NEVER allow me to play coz of disconnecting from it. Whole week but okay.
I spent time with my wife watching our favorite animes and rofling at what position I would be thrown out from da que during this particular episode. Okay, it’s okay. I survive ques in TBC and Cata when que growing not after you but BEFORE.
It’s been my conscious choice to listen my braindead friends and stay in Asgard. I followed the news, I was glad that you are working on the situation and you even succeed. Was so proud of the little indie studio!
And today after this shtty “weekend” (SPOILER: NO, it’s not) i got in que without any hope to play. But wait, there was a hour without a disconnection… Two? Whoa, three! A four? Is this for real? After 6.5 hours of waiting (i was 2722 when it’s start) i was finally a number one in q… Loading screen… Second loading screen… and… GAME STARTING SCREEN? FOR FCK SAKE AMAZON! For why f* reason i stand in que an ALMOST FULL-LENGHT WORK DAY TIME TO SAW AN… QUE?

And just for the sake of a sadomasachistic experiment, I stood in a que a second time. Atleast only for 2 hours. The result is the same - loading screen with position one in the queue… Loading screen #two as when entering the game, with a spinning circle of runes and… Starting screen before you should choose a character. This isn’t funny at all. I can’t play the game even after a que. Amazon plz?

Okay today i start que from 260ppl. W8 for a hour and finally log in. After that, I was forced to drive off on work business and asked my wife to queue up in an hour and a half so that I could play on my return. I returned 6 hours later (at the time of the queue there were 1.5k people), waited another hour and a half for the remaining 189 people in front of me … And again - two loading screens and a welcome screen. Your magic AFK-kick seems to kick people who have been standing in que for too long, otherwise I just can’t explain this crap.

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