New Ranged World

Today I joined OPR, 90% of the players use some sort of ranged weapons.
AWP counter strike doing 6k damage.
3 shot kill blunderbuss.
Fire staff doing 5k damage.

Time to joint the party, switching to ranged weapon.


yep range is pretty scary. know what is scarier?



Good, now atleast you will have to learn to aim, not just grav and maelstorm to get a kill.


when you switch to ranged, don’t forget to take advantage of the most broken PvP feature in the game - the light dodge roll.


Had the exact same experience last night. could never get to the scrum as i was dead by all the ranged.

Have you tried not running in a strait line towards or away from people? You could also ask your friend big rock or tree to help you. I get hit by 3.6k damage heavy fire staff attacks sometimes as a light str build, but I do not think the new shield perk exploit is giving that much extra damage.


I’d don’t what server your on but unless someone has terrible gear your not doing 5k with a fire staff most of the time it’s like 1-1.5k on heavies and 2.5-3k on lights and pretty decently geared 625 firevine 350 int or 300 all that jazz


lol i am so over melee andies complaining, you had 6 months of stomping everyone, big melee zergs are boring, GA is the most broken thing in the game, everything thats happening here is that the game is slowly getting more balanced.


Yeah it’s obvious when a bis great axe goes for 1.3 mil and nothing other than that goes for anything even close

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Please show us that 5k damage FireStaff… you have to be naked and with 10con to take that damage.

Not even the dummies take that damage from the FireStaff.

About the other ranged: Change your gems, get some physical aversion perk. And you will be fine.


You mean other weapons have expedition drops that are actually useable and axe doesnt?

I mean, if you don’t want to play hammer and GA you have to be ranged

So you are complaining FS, which is fading from meta is doing less damage then melee by 1-3k and you think it should be nerfed?



It is because suddenly the secret powers of the shield have been unlocked, no one ever suspected a shield could help ranged weapons so much… :smiling_imp:

Nice joke :grin:


I was with you until you said Firestaff is hitting for 5K. That is BS, Firestaff might be the lowest hitting weapon in the game. The weapon literally can’t kill people who are eating and potting.

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My question is, can the exploit thats giving people 500 in all stats in war also workable in PTR? Cause if so, yeah ranged is the way.

FS… fading… not. lmaoooo Out of all ranged weapons I’ve played, FS is legit the lowest skill-ceiling. Imagine picking it up having very little mastery over it and managing to get A TON of damage output from pressing a few buttons, actually pressing 1 button lets me do CONSISTENT DPS as long as I have mana and can dodge attacks and reactivate that same ability because it has NO cooldown.


AGS really sucks management
it even makes me sick to my stomach
a game can only be managed so poorly
It’s been 2 months and still IG, Rapier, Musket are not balanced
thanks to you i play this game alone now
All my friends rightfully deleted the game and now I’m thinking of deleting


The flamethrower is equal to a melee user just spamming light attacks in terms of damage and how easy it is to refute. If you can’t get around someone channeling flamethrower, you gotta spend time actually practising playing with your brain turned on.