New riposte bug

Hey DEVS, riposte has been acting up since launch, but lately its gotten worse. Sometimes it glitches very hard and sometimes it goes on cooldown and has no effect at all. (You take damage, you don’t stun, skill goes on cooldown).
Here’s a clip of one of the most recent riposte bugs I’ve encountered. Wish this would get fixed soon since it affects Rapier user’s combat greatly.

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You can’t always stun with riposte
If you want something that’s going to stun through the axe abilities and grit use the spear vault kick

Not stunning is not the issue. The issue is that Riposte is not working as intented and sometimes doesn’t even work at all. What you saw on the clip is not normal and should not be happening at all. During that whole time while I’m glitching out I can still get hit and can’t move.


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