New roadmap update?

is that still not fixed?

1 - Open World Raid Bosses
2 - Expedition Raids for 10 Players or more
3 - Raid Gear = Set Items
4 - Cross-Server Group Finder for Expeditions, Arenas, Outpost Rush
5 - New maps for Outpost Rush and Arenas
6 - More Locations


A proper response to shell companies and the general environment they create.

And a date for when you’re getting rid of the outsourced customer support…

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Would love to see the following:

  1. At least 4 new weapons, with the first to be released as Daggers (and hopefully that it’s a Dex only weapon). Some new elemental weapons and even a different Healing weapon to bring a different playstyle option for healers would be welcome.

  2. Possibility of owning at least 1 more house. (Bring the cap to 4 houses per player, with trophy caps. No more than 3 of the same type across your homes)

  3. An overhaul of the War System/Territory control. Several stuff needs to be worked on. One idea is that the controlling faction, not company, should get more/better bonuses for owning a territory. (Take away some of the governing company bonuses and give it to the faction instead.)

  4. Allow players to vote for what buffs they want to have running in a territory at the Territory Planning Table. This gives a much needed interaction between players and the owners of said territory.

  5. Some form of instanced PvE Raid content. Probably make it 10 man content.

  6. Add more OPR maps. Should be at least 3 different layouts with different PvE enemies in each. Also, maybe add more cover in between points to break up sight lines. That way, melee players won’t cry about ranged weapons hitting them in between points.

  7. Add different PvP game modes. Maybe some Capture the Flag as a starting point?

  8. Open World events. Whether it be a random encounter while running around the world and/or World Bosses. Would be amazing if we had World Bosses that could be farmed, but require a good number of players to kill.

  9. Player QoL - Transmog and Player loadout, more so loadout. Maybe add a “Wardrobe” that Furnisher’s could craft that enables players to have loadout’s that they can access in territories with an owned house. Higher tier “wardrobes” give more Loadout slots in that territory.

  10. There is certainly more that can be added, but this is a good starting point for the most part.


100% agree, not just like to see but deserve to see at least the general timeline. The changes coming impact decisions we make and how we spend our time in game now on multiple things.

These are posts ive made

New Dungeons
Inventory management system
Mob Variety and lore overhaul

As for the actual style possibly go into more detail on what we could expect for each section of the update?

The fact that you have to ask, and the first response to your post is a question, there’s no future roadmap.

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I believe OPs request was around what does the team have as a roadmap in the coming months but seems it was (intentionally?) sidetracked. Does the team have a roadmap for the next 6 months and if so, do they plan to share it.

Sorry snaggle, seems i hit a reply to your post, I meant this as a general reply to the theead

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Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they get the most complete update for 2023. I’m going to have a lot of fun!

I’m confused cause I was just putting in my input? :confused:

@Junga No problem!

New and improved faction system. Additional faction and civil wars

New mechanics, new types (types, not retexture with the same weapons) of AI, another 2 new regions

New arcane and lightning weapons and at least one of them scaling with focus primarly with focus because that tree is neglected.

New game modes.

Just of the top of my head

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Personally I would like to see a vote system for the roadmap. Where people cannot oversaturate the system with the same complaints over and over making a false priority.

But if I had two projects that the game could do very well with is

1 the faction missions need a redo.better explained.

2 open world invasions where NPCs attack the town settlements. Giants optional.

Essentially more open world PvE and PvE quests that deviate from the usual shallow go here and kill/collect 1-15 things devoid of creativity or any entertainment in mind.

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Important Things:

  • World Bosses. (Like the turkey) You can add one or more world bosses on a different map and spawning at specific or diferent hours.

  • PvP Dungeons (5 v 5)

  • New maps for the BG. (we are tired of playing the same map)

  • New OPR mode, like capture the Flag or something new.

  • Some world events (Like some corrupted enemies are trying to capture some point, village or farm… because the zone of the map areas are not used for nothing)

  • Raids about 10 or 15 ppl

  • Some form for create a predefined equipment (Lots of people play multiple roles in the game and it’s tedious to search for gear pieces in your inventory when you have multiple sets PvP and PvE).

  • Laderboard for Ranked Arenas with awards.

  • Trade Routes (Carrying a trade pack from one point to another, if you got activated the PvP, receive more awards.)

  • More slots for potions, food, Oakflesh Balm or what ever.

And this would already be dreaming, but:

  • Swimming
  • Isles zone that need to be reached by boat (Like pirate islands or what ever, NW is a medieval game, i think we need boats, it would give us more freedom of movement)
  • PvP with Boats / Galleon
  • Trade Routes with boats / merchantboat
  • Fishing in the boats

For the 9th

Why limiting quality of life? I mean, it’s like they did with storage. They made storage accessible everywhere, which players welcomed but do it fully! Why still have different storage “places” just merge everything! And that will be QoL improvements!

Same for the wardrobe, just don’t limit it! Maybe limit the slots for data load sake but limit that to like… 40 slots!

Don’t limit things for the sake of “limiting”. It should have a valable reason, otherwise, do it fully.

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Most of them would be ideas I’m fully against.

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I’m sorry I was replying to a number of my posts and accidently fell into this post.

Really, why?

A better cosmetic system.

They will create bad cosmetics there on Mars.

PvX in outworld , features like caravans, treasure maps , dungeons where 2 partys fight for the mobs and the chest like hell gates of albion, darkzones like the divion or diablo iv with hight risk hight reward… naval PvX action, World boses/forts/chest that spawn at random with a mesage to the people in this territory and u fight to pick/kill the loot. All kind of activiets in outworld that involve PvE and PvP. A completly rework of War system and tax system and absurd amount of gold it generate. Removal of factions for a proper Clan Wars ans alliances system