NEW, SELF-ACTIVATING POTIONS (Reflexive Potion Break-Down)

As many of us know, reflexive potions are coming to New World. I did a quick tutorial and break-down about WHAT these are, HOW you make them, and WHEN they self-activate. Take a look here:

If you’re lazy (like most people), I have screenshots below too that show what these things are.

What do you think…will this be a game changer?!


turns into a mobile game?


Haha whatcha mean a mobile game :eyes:

well self activating healing is like afk games…


Absolutely awful
What the actual f is wrong over there.

They should make that you can only use HP or Reg pot. Any use of each should put the other also on CD. Or just raise the CD’s on pots overall.
Raise TTK or make Con more worthy.

What do they do, the opposite lol


oh no… i dont like this at all… tbh less skill based game = less fun game…

Edit: ty for the video tho



“We noticed some melee players were getting distracted from left-clicking when they needed to use potions. We have added an automatic potion feature to rectify this issue.”

What’s next, an auto-resolve combat feature? Maybe opr and wars will just be settled with a coin toss.


I’d love to hear what the developers were aiming for with this BS. :laughing:

What a joke.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: auto-resolve combat xD

and something like auto aim with bow and musket why not :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


They’ve been going downhill lately with changes. Which is impressive. Time to take a break from New World again. :laughing: I’ll come back to read how this pans out.


I mean, I guess the blight and corruption one is nice to have? xD

Fire whoever made this decision. This is a disgrace to non mobile phone games…did anyone ask for this? Its like the lead director of the game doesnt play the game and thinks of the worst ideas


What in the actual fk am I reading.

Seriously this is the new thing?

Yo players we heard your complains so you can autopot and autotrack with left clics so we can play some Prime Ads while you enjoy your gameplay.


lets further dumb down the game…why now?, its not lie the game wasnt already overly simplistic…

Why not just put everythign on auto pilot and we jsut watch our toons move and applaud form our chairs?


It’s a dumb idea introduced by clueless devs. Those are my thoughts.

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Currently: combat skill is all about taking time out from movements, speed, hits etc. etc…
to stop to take a tea break, sip your tea (health potion) and then continue to fight?

Game used auto functions right now for health.

We have auto lifestealing/leeching/regeneration jewelry/ weapons/gems-does it on hits.
We have use the brutal dark ascent leeching heartrune for 100% auto heath when you come back down.

I just see this as another horizontal tool for maintaining health while in combat.


AGS, im astounished i still ahve to click any key for my charcter to move, i jsut want to turn on the game and watch it play it self


Ok ok ok I took a few minutes to ponder this.

Man this still sucks.

Again another monkey paw wish by AGS.
Players - Hey the TTK is too low, you 100-0 a guy before he can even react, specially with the newly introduced imb4 GS.

AGS -You see, now you have autopots that you can get only by grinding on the new zone that we crafted for so many months, so you are going to walk it whether you like it or not. Win-Win right guys?

So okay for the PvE aspect, spit on the healers, put more recovery/leeching and delete the LS already, but the PvP population, the one you actively ignore as a group and cater to specific builds here and there just to keep them pleased for an entire version… yea, many casual PvPers not gonna like this.

Time to quit your jobs and farm sand guys, this is the way.

Glad we have auto-pots now. Said no one ever. What’s next? Recollecting pets from the cash shop? So you can autopot with auto-weapon-tracking while auto-farming materials?

I’ve been on the biz for so long that I can see the bs behind the “new content” veil. While we are still waiting for split-stats gear that was promised 3 versions ago.

Uninstalling was never so seductive


They gotta prepare for the console release and if its cross play they need to make it easier and easier to play.

Auto healing potion in a MMORPG… Jesus cant make this stuff up :rofl: