New server list

any 1 know where i can find the new added server name ? i want to restart a new my server is all purple and no 1 playing other faction any more they just all left

did they add any more servers since the last batch?
Think not
And from the last added servers i think tugley wood was one of them and it well established now
Correct me i i am wrong and more servers got added after

not sure that why im asking

All of the possible worlds you can play on are listed here: List of Worlds Available for Launch

Every time the team opens up new worlds, we add a comment onto the post and update the original one so that it contains all current information. I believe October 3rd was the last time we opened any additional worlds.

Are there any new worlds planed for near future?

Can we get any schedule for that?

A lot of my friends are planing to give it another shot coming back from US servers to play EU, but only if new servers will be added.

Currently we don’t have any additional worlds planned but we are working to bring the server transfer feature along! You can find more information here: Server Transfer update

A lot of people really want some info on this:

Is there info avalaible already? Thanks

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