New server set - new start - no transfers

In light of massive exploits having happened in the last week(s) and a high possibility that NOT every dublicated coin has been removed nor their footprints = level 200 trade skills via bought resources etc.

I would like to express my frustration with having no intention to return to servers that are still subject to these circumstances.

So i kindly ask for a new world set with a couple of servers that only allow creation of new characters but no transfers. A clean economy so to say. This includes my willingness to throw away 400h of time invested so far.

Dwindling player numbers aside, server mergers are likely coming soon which would sadly not solve the presented issue. Having seen a few people mentioning their intention to rather play on a new server with a clean start, population issue may or may not arise.


Yes please!

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This is fine, but doing it now would only reintroduce the same problem to the new servers. Give it a year or 5 for Amazon to pull their finger out and fix some stuff and THEN you might actually get a clean start without people immediately coming to the new servers to try and be the best exploiter there away from their previous competition.

You’d immediately get bots because those aren’t policed or removed when reported by multiple people, so you would get the gold sellers who would then sell that bot generated gold and then people will buy that gold with IRL money and destroy your economy and buy their way to the top again.

They need to fix the problems first otherwise every “new start” will be the same.

If creating a new server is a press of a button, i’d rather take my chances now, play actively and bridge time instead of waiting on that one game (Elden Ring) to entertain for another set of months.

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