New Server Transfer/Paid Trannsfers

So I transferred servers from the dead one I was on to one that died a few weeks later, do you guys plan on adding a paid transfer any time soon so I can go play with my friends who were able to switch to a not dead server

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Transferring again will require an additional token. Our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free.
We will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service.

You can find more information about server transfer here:

Server Transfer Update

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

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So, in other words, I’m stuck on a dead server (less than 250 people) with my dick in my hand until you guys decide to give out new transfers or figure out how to merge servers without breaking the game more than you already have?

The default auto reply you get when you speak with chat. Posting a link to a forum from over a month ago is not a good answer either.

Still don’t understand why the devs aren’t on this subject more.

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