New server? What about my character can I move it to a new server?

I got to play for a few hours today however I had to get off. Now the servers are crushed with 2k ppl in front of me. I see that you guys opened up new servers however, I don’t want to dump my character that I’m working on right now. Is there a way to move my toon to the new server? The help queue is just as bad lol… Now I have a game that I can’t play or I have to start a new toon lol… Was fun so far :slight_smile:


This is where alot of us are , we have already made a character and now we cant Q.
Making a new character doesnt really help unfortunately .
Unless you just abandon your previous work.
Just hoping and waiting for it to smooth out.
Good luck to you friend.

You added 29 more US East servers, Please now add at least 10-15 servers for US West as well.

Adding servers doesn’t defeat the purpose of people who already have characters but aren’t able to play those characters they have spent time on and don’t want to create a new character and start over. Creating new servers is cool and all, but the queue times for those highly populated servers are still high and doesn’t fix the already high queue time issue for current players

You as well… I know my level 18 isn’t much but it was work… I saw plenty with much higher… I don’t see myself able to get on again tonight with almost 2k ppl in line waiting to go… :frowning: It would be nice if they either allow you to move your character by means of the server menu or you join a new one and it asks you to port in your character…

I went from 690 to 30 in 2.5 hours on Yaxche, one of the lower population servers, and lower queue numbers. Only to have the error message that put me at the back of the line after that wait.

Angry doesn’t really cut it. I’m now 1485.

I’ve played through 14 levels of gaming, crafting, chopping, cooking, gathering, fishing. Not racing my way through the levels.

What about new servers helps us? How are we to move our characters/progress/inventory into a new server?

At this point I’m only 3-3 1/2 hrs into my character on Camelot and would gladly delete her and move to another server if it means I can log in and play.

I would love to, but I am on US West and have a 487 queue time on my server that has 1+ hour queue time. AND I already spent 20USD on it for a skin. I don’t mind waiting the hour, but when the hour turns to 2+ hours because of connection error issues then it gets annoying

Do you think the skins go with your account or just the single server?

I don’t know. I might create a new character and see. I would hope it is account wide and not just server wide

That stinks

I can confirm it is account wide and not server wide

Not sure more worlds actually solve the problem.
A lot of people are playing in groups and want to play with the friends…now these friends may be split between multiple servers.
I guess transfer tokens are one solutions with the new servers, would making the existing servers more powerful help ?

We need a Transfer Optionfor sure to rebalance the populations.

The issue we are running in to is that Player groups have people who have already been playing the game all day and are unwilling to move that causes all of the group to keep trying to get in to that same server. Multiply this by many Guilds and this explains the 11 thousand queues I saw on some servers earlier.

We are not all playing individually only we are attached to other people, but not yet to any specific server. My guild and I would move to a new server in a jiffy if Transfer option existed.


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Great news!

Could be kinda cool if they did a voting system to the guild. If the majority of the guild agrees to move then the whole guild can move as one. If they don’t want to go then they are removed.
Can be a headache but what’s the point of fighting to stay on a sever they are all the same.

So what about those of us that were already in our guild chosen server and joined company?
What purpose does a New server serve?

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Create New, Stop Watching Que Screens and Avoid Max Capacity Lagplay!

US West - Midian = Silky Smooth, Friendly, New, No Que, No Lag, Brand New Online.

Yeah that could be a good idea but it would benefit only new guilds that were just formed and people are strangers. My guild have been together for many years now and so removing anyone is just not an option we have all become close friends in the process and in RL too in many cases.

Really the only ways remaining are to wait it out a week or two as it all calms down or have a transfer option.

It looks they provided a free move to a different server for people

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