New server with transfer blocking

With recent updates, new servers without character transfer will be attractive (and faire) to bring back old players (like me) and new players too.


Where did you read about a block on people being able to transfer to a new server?

People who have not played for a while and never used their free transfer, can still transfer to a server with their friends. But I think a fresh server for people who want to make a new character or for brand-new players is perfectly a decent idea in my opinion.

I think new fresh servers are a great idea but only after they ‘fix’ the territory system.

I mentioned “no character transfer” to prevent players from other servers from migrating to this new fresh server. This new server would only be for creating new characters.

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Ah my apologises, I misread your post.

I will admit, as someone here on Day 1 to experience it…

New World at the Early Life Stage is a COMPLETELY different game than New World at a Mature Life Stage.

It was fun and exciting… It was a WHOLE NEW WORLD!


Yeah, that is indeed true. The leveling and doing dungeons was a lot more fluid and more active, so there was none of the waiting around for people who may join existing servers.

But from what I’ve seen so far in my time ingame, that if people speak up and ask politely, they normally get the help to get their group related quests/dungeons completed.

Yea I remember having to farm hours just to craft ONE Laz or Gen key, or all teleport costing over 400azorh , or not linked-TP / storage , good times

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So what happens then when everyone leaves that server and it ends up only being 100-200 max at peak? That is why these mega companies keep server hopping. They suck up all they can on a server. Take some of the better players. Get bored. Get bored of fighting the same people. Moves on to the next server.

I get why you want this to try and prevent that but all it takes is 1 mega company to take over everything and after a month that server will be dead especially if no one can transfer to it.

So imo it would be a waste of time adding a server like that.

A new server without character transfer that’s exactly to prevent it. If a mega company wants play in this server, it to create a new character from zero. The problem with mega companies is due to game mechanics. In Devaloka SA server, there is a 1k of players in a queue.

Yeah it only prevents them from transferring over. But I am willing to bet anything these companies will make characters on the new server and likely hit max level extremely fast (these mega companies spend tons of time playing and are hard core) and take over pretty quickly. Shortly after people will get tired of it (like they do now) and either delete their character off that server or just leave it but never log on that server.

The only way imo I see this working is once they can fix how territories are won/controlled etc.


There’s nothing you can do to stop that, but at least there’s an opportunity for everyone to start at a similar starting line. That’s all anyone asks. How fast someone levels, well… that’s just skill, determination, etc etc.

But that’s completely different than having fully decked out Level 60’s transferring in on day 1 with 6 million coins. This is what you want to prevent.

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Trust me. I am not disagreeing with you or any of that. But you need to face reality for now also. I really don’t think AGS should be wasting their time with something like this when in the end it will just end up like all the other dead servers were before mergers. Until they can re-work how territories are owned and how to get them etc. I really don’t think it is a good use of resources for now.


With how territory works atm and all Thoses mega sweaty companies out here, I can assure you that they will make alts on Thoses servers JUST to farm some new players and rack gold from major cities. THIS need to be adresses before they even think of opening servers

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Although this sounds like a good idea, it is in fact not.
This just encourages AGS to make no-transfer new servers instead of fixing the underlying issues that have ruined every server before it.
For example, bots and RMT. This will let people level crafts really fast, pump out near-bis gear, then sell them for gobs of gold that RMT will sell to the buyers. This was the reality at launch even without duping cheats, and we’re not even one year into the game. A new server won’t fare any differently since AGS hasn’t gotten RMT or botting under control.

Without addressing those issues, new servers will still die, then get merged, or just abandoned because they are no-transfer. When the population gets too low, they will probably cave and let people transfer in, or merge it with an existing low-pop world so that people won’t lose their progress.

You’re including buying RMT to buy botted goods too?

And PvP will go unflagged to a high-respawn-rate area and farm boars (yes, there’s still at least one really-fast respawning lots-of-elite-boars spot), max level, start chest runs, buy RMT gear, blah blah blah. Sweaty no-lifers who just play New World all day with no other IRL on their agenda will still have an “advantage” over normal people. Are you normal? Do you have a job to go to maybe? You’ve already lost the race.

When each region has only 1 server left, it will also be “no transfer”. Then we’ll see how long AGS will keep ignoring the issues that have systematically destroyed server populations since launch.

Paid server transfers were also an idea that players on the forums begged for as some “solution” to dying servers or whatever they thought it would fix.
Not only did it not help anything, it just made things worse as exploiters and RMT can more easily buy their way around the servers.
Players really need to think more carefully before suggesting flippant “solutions”. You’re just letting AGS off the hook from doing real work and instead point the finger of blame at players.

I’m not really sure what “goods” are being bought on a new server that you’re talking about.

Sure, there is always going to be bad apples. Can’t help that, but on a clean server, with no ability to get “goods” into that server… not real sure what you’re talking about.

As that new server matures, sure… there’s going to be the same issues as on all of the other servers over time.

absolutely agree, me and my friends are want it. No dupe history affect, new mechanics and items working from the start of all characters on the server, old game-launch-time anarchy

Would be awesome with new LFG system. :heart_eyes:

Yes please, me and a few friends (5 ish) quit due to all the early game inconvenience that happend and would love to jump back in on a FRESH server.

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