New servers? Amazon please

Hello everyone! I would like to know about the community of managers, are there plans for new servers? After the past mistakes, the work of the game has become stable, and now, after all the changes, I would like to play with 0. We are very much waiting for good news, peace and good to everyone!

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Are you asking to start again? Because you can do that anyway…

They are asking for a new experience where every one begins new on even footing. With out the economy starting out bloated from botted quest gold. Extreme amounts of duping. Most the bugs and methods of cheating have been nipped. The game is in a much better state with the storage, azoth, and gypsum changes.

It’s clear even going free won’t bring any new players to the game. But I believe a fresh server would bring back people that quit due to the mess launch was.

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In that case no thank you :rofl:

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Their request isn’t any thing to say “no thank you” to. They are not asking for a server to be wiped and all characters restarted. They are asking for a brand new server with out transfers to roll on for all players that want to give New World a second chance.

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You have summed up why I wish they would implement a new, clean server. Not 50 new servers, one brand new fresh permanent server that gives anybody who wants to start anew without corruption can do so without any transfers from day one servers.

If AGS said they were launching one brand new fresh server, I would jump into it immediately, regardless of the progress of my previous characters. Unfortunately, a lot of the progress on these characters feels artificial from all the cheating.


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