New Servers Please?

You said you were going to be bringing up additional servers hours ago. There’s no reason to not open new servers with the World Set in place.

So what’s the hold up here?


Yees please more. All servers are high in population and queue times are too big. Give me a server to play.

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Still no word from them after 5 hours.

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It’s going to get wayyyyyy worse. Like wayyy worse once 7,8,9,10pm EST comes around.

Like what are they doing. You need playable servers. I’ve been in que for an hour and I know people have been going on 4, 5, 6 hours. I have at least an another hour or two before the game let’s me log in for a few minutes.

They have to open up more servers so people can at least log in. Then they can just let us server hop in a week or two Like they said.

In other news Amazon stock is down 2-3% today lol

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Yeah, I don’t even care what server I’m on I just want to play I don’t get why they don’t just spawn more servers since they plan on merging them later anyway so people can actually play the game.

The problem is all the new players only have so many servers to pick from so we’re filling up the queues on servers that already have players like your server. I have yet to actually get into the game though I’m on my second queue since it kicked me out after the first queue… I would happily start on a new server and not queue in front of you on yours as I’m sure is the case for a lot of people attempting to login for the first time.

well I’m sure a “world” is a collection of services but I would bet money since this is an amazon game they have a CloudFormation script where they just put in the name of the world and it provisions all those services as a group :laughing:

getting home from my 10-6 job and hopping on new world just to wait in at least a queue of 1.1k players was just great. Well done, Amazon.

More servers is not was is needed. What is needed is allowing players to move their characters to different servers all the time so that they can then choose a server that isn’t full. You can add 100 more servers but if the server where your character you leveled is at and is full you are going to have a wait time no matter what.

ALL the servers are full right now though. I just created a new character on one of the lowest pop servers but the queues are over 1000 on every us-east server… even if you could move your character to another server there isn’t a non-full server to move to.

I understand that but, in the long run if they do not allow people to move around people are always going to run into this problem

so I guess I should have said adding more servers wont alleviate or fix the problem in the long run and that more servers are needed :slight_smile:

Yes, in the short term new servers will allow new players like me from filling up spots on servers that are already over capacity… and I’m sure some players that don’t have a lot of play time would start new characters real quick.

I think they need more servers and to implement your suggestion of being able to move characters to different servers.

I see new servers up on USA EAST

Nice, don’t make one on Arkadia Eta Set or it’ll be a full server soon :smiley:

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