New skins are horrible

I’ve seen the post on Reddit about the data mined items that could make their way to the in game store. I’m here to beg you to please go back to the drawing board.

Just like every other plate set you’ve added this new set is atrocious. There is to much going on with it and the helmet looks like a bad recreation of a helmet the egg headed aliens from that old movie would have to wear. It’s ugly and it’s bad. I never see anyone in your plate armor store sets and it’s because the art work is simply terrible.

Please find somewhere else to draw inspiration from or someone else to work in this area just for a while. Every single person I’ve talked to says the exact same thing. “I just want some normal knight looking armor with big cool shoulders.” Maybe add in a tabard or torn cape or something but nothing like that good awful set that’s in there now with the skull mask that looks like a poorly made elementary school project for Halloween.

The game is headed in a great direction and I’m having a huge amount of fun playing it and want to support you. I can’t until you show me something worth buying.


For the love of god can we please get some normal looking stuff. I have not found one appealing armor set to purchase. Yet we have no transmog and a lot of great looking pieces go into the salvage bin because statistically they are worthless. I don’t UNDERSTAND THIS.


And once again its primarily purple great.

vanguard isnt bad and i dont hate the weapon skins though.

I thought the weapon skins were kind of bland too, honestly. The housing items were ok but I don’t really care about my house for more than storage lol.

Just more of the same kind. More trousers that looks exactly like all the others already in game. Why no female looks once again? Why more gloves that also looks exactly the same? Looks like those gloves to clean sewage…

We’ve been asking for female looks since the game was released.
When are we gonna be able to dye the skins we buy on the Store?

I like em, I agree its for a niche for sure.
But adding some regular armors would come a long way. I still don’t quite understand why they don’t want to add some basic knight/samurai/warrior…

There is some low level armor that’s better looking than this.
Ofcourse this could all be mixed and matched if we could dye the sets.

One of the key problems I have with these armor sets is they are nowhere to be seen ingame. I mean If I would see royal guards with the holy vanguard set running around I’d make the connection.

Maybe the in guy wearing a top hat like the moomborn set.

I want to restate that I actually quite like em. But it doesn’t want to shell out money to get ALL of them.

Honestly the second i see some kind of lost vampire elite zone with fop vampires and jester lost then all the skins would make sense.

id like to see that honestly.

This game needs that though. We need werewolves and vampires.
I was very shocked to see we didn’t have these in game.

The holy vanguard helm looks like it belongs in the old movie cone heads. The pants are plain leather and boring af. The set is lack luster at very best but imo it’s horrible. They’re not going to make money off this not from me at least.

we have spanish conquistadors
we are getting Mediterranean/roman stuff next
im sure the next major zone could be Russian vampire, helsing inspired zone.

Frick just remembered that some of the lost inquisition is already helsing like so its already there.


What I believe the game needs, badly, is a way to storage gear better, like a wardrobe. I have my dps set, heal set, skinning set, harvesting set, lumberjack set, mining set, luck set… To keep trying to find each piece every time I wanna change is annoying and such a waste of time.

Also, I’d love to be able to use any gear already in game to change any skin I want, a transmog or glamour system.

We’re also missing a way to change our character appearance, new hairstyle, faces, etc.

i just want to be able to fit specific skins to specific items instead of the full slot.

i love the conquerers helm but i hate the look of the horns of corrupted rage but i use both.

same situation with the rest of the slots so i cant just depend on no hat skin.

Allow us to dye skins to our personal liking… Please.

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@Liv Thank you for your feedback regarding armor sets and character appearances. Your wardrobe idea sounds great! I’ll share your feedback with the team.

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