New to game. Looking for people

I just started playing the game about a week ago. Its been years since playing WoW so im a little rusty but looking for a good server with some good people to play with and learn the game. If anyone is looking for someone to join their company gimme a shout. still have server token so i can change. US East is my region.

If you really just started, my advice is to quit. Leave. Run. Seriously.

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hahaha its something to do. know any better games that arent completey trash?

I would say NW is in a bit of a weird place atm. I play semi frequently as Im waiting for the game to become more stable and balanced

Not really sure of any other games to play besides ESO or GW2

Welcome to the game!

Checkout US East “City of Brass” server for one that is well populated. Dungeon runs and ppl LFG daily and nightly. Multiple wars and invasions weekly.

Go green! Join marauder faction!

the entire population of this game is stuck waiting for transfer bug to fixed on ghost town servers

If you are US east join Oceana. Medium high server, still a lot of people leveling, if you do let me know. My company is still all leveling to 60

Sorry to hear that. City of Brass is definitely not a ghost town.

Orefena is another great server with pretty good balance and activity. It’s Us east.

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