New Trade Post Dupe - 18.11.2021 - canceling any orders sell / buy fast enough dups gold and items

No, it seems to just be a visual bug in the TP ‘bought’ column. You don’t really buy anything you just cancel an order that isn’t filled. Perhaps you could show a video of it?

Not doing at again to avoid a Ban sry.

2 People in my Compay happend to experience the same thing.

Items are in your Storage and you get full gold refund.

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im not doing anything in the game right now, im only trying to reach devs…

hey wrote that the order was finished so someone give him the items that he wanted to buy so he does have the items and the gold from the cancel of the buy order. And also the tradepartner does have his gold. So the gold was duped. If it works how he has discribed it.


We’re looking into it, thanks for reporting :vulcan_salute:

If you’re gonna disable wealth and not refund fees for my sell orders again I am done.

f the trades again


This has become comical. My company was joking last night “how much do you want to bet when the turn on global trading post there will be a dupe where if one person is in one town and another in a different town the can cancel the buy/sell order right when its executed and dupe”
Here we are.

This is most likely a UI bug, but we are looking into all of the reports to make sure nothing gets missed.

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Hey why server Anu is in maintenance but the other SA servers arent?

Unless it is a UI bug with their gold displayed, that players wouldn’t know unless they spent all their gold.
Since players are stating that they have seen their gold go up in their inventory, while still keeping the item. Although, since buy orders are only on smaller orders, I doubt they would know for sure unless they spent all their gold.
*If you do plan to shut something down, just shut down the “Buy Order” Feature, not the entire trading post, please. @Kay

It could be a ping issue, perhaps with higher latency this bug can present itself (akin to the old network switch dupe) Could be servers, could be you. I did notice that moving items from storage takes longer now also, when you take an item out of storage it lags a bit before re-filing the inventory

this game is a joke

nothing confirmed yet. I have tried to replicate all these bugs, to no avail. tried and tried, and tried.

if this is the issue; add a random xx second cooldown timer before one can cancel a newly made order.

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How can you say this game is a joke?!?! any other MMO RPG game would have made players wait months to even respond or make a change to resolve an issue like this. However, this Dev team jumps on the issues immediately and turns off the servers to resolve them so the economy in-game and players hard work is not thrown down the drain. stop crying and being so blind-sighted it’s a new game that will have issues it’s not even been out to the public for long and it’s already better than most pay to win MMO RPG’s.


keep praising your early access game, clearly standards is not something you have

then why are u still here clown

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