New transfer token?

Hi! i just when the token first came out transfered to another server and i found a really nice company with new friends and the server is starting to be dead witch lead to them now transfering to another server and now im stuck alone on this server with no other choice then restarting and thats pretty sad.

Could it be possible to get another token out anytime sooner or at least get a date?
Thanks anyways :slight_smile:


How many tokens do you guys want? What happens when you move again and that becomes “dead” just suck it up and wait

They’re not going to give you a date they don’t know yet lol. They said that mergers are coming soon and that they will not give transfer tokens upon merger. So you’re stuck where you are for a while.

Everyone post without looking at the Dev tracker first. 99% has been acknowledged or addressed there.

They should just change the game, so you can select your server every time you start the game. There is no reason to tie players to a specific server

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This would work if pvp was not 50v50 and open like many other successful games in this genre.

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Honestly, in this current state. Let people just transfer as much as they want, maybe once every two weeks or something.

What lol? Obviously there are many reasons to tie players to a specific server. You don’t want players moving mass amounts of resources from one server to another for one.

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