New Transfer tokens please

release second transfer token please either a free one or start charging us for it


Transfer tokens will be the cause for big queues if handed to everyone like candy.

I think server transfers should have a queue for each server, allowing only a fixed number of transfers based on server population. When you want to use your ticket you should be notified in advance if the server you wish to transfer to has available spots and how many so you can plan your transfer along with your friends.

It has been clearly stated that once the mergers are done, the transfer tokens will no longer be available.

If they do tokens again we will end up with empty servers again so unfortunately you are stuck where you are.

My server is being merged into the server I used my token to leave :rofl::rofl::rofl:

source to that statement ?

It was in one of the Dev’s posts about the upcoming mergers.

I’m fairly certain this is false and you misunderstood something. They said they were no longer letting new accounts start with a transfer token. They also said that they plan to release a second wave of transfer tokens at some point, but merges were their priority.

Transfers should always be available. Free tokens are nice and they were absolutely justified considering how badly the launch was prepared for, but the ability to pay for a transfer should always be available to players.

There will always be dying servers and servers that have crazy queues. That is inevitable due to the fluctuations in player count that all MMOs go through. If a hyped up new patch gets released in the future, many players will return to check it out. The popular servers will get crazy queues because of this influx in returning players. Players who want to continue playing but without a 5 hour queue should have the option to transfer out.

Then, when that hype dies down and many players inevitably stop playing or stop playing as often, the queues and populations will fade. This will leave many servers with low populations. Fortunately, merges seem to be figured out now so the devs should be able to just do a merge in those cases, but the player should still have the option to pay for a transfer in those instances if they want to.

If each world set has only 2 or 3 med to high pop servers, there wont be a way to have empty servers.

People will just bounce around a few servers. AGS should sell transfers by the bucket full at that point.

dont think that exists , the latest dev post about transfers that ive read was last month stating that they are planning to release the 2nd trasnsfer token before the end of the year and they definitely posted that knowing that they will merge servers aswell

Just telling you what I read.

If it’s not right then great as I don’t want to go back to the server I used my token to leave in the first place.

I would really appreciate getting a transfer token so I can rejoin my friends who transferred off to a different world set AFTER I transferred over to the server they were playing on at the time. … Now I’m stranded on Kronomo in US West, but its getting merged NOT with the target server I was hoping for, because of the stupid worldset only limitation on server merges… You all promised to get out a second wave of tokens before the new year. … Well the new year is quickly coming upon us. … Was that promise a lie, AGS?

Nobody lied to you. You jumped the gun.

I abandoned a level 19 toon on one server and started a new one on a different server to play with my friends. I still have my transfer token. And nobody can show me a post from AGS saying that is going away, so unless you have some proof that is true, save you time.

You made a choice. It just hasnt worked out the way you wanted.

Try again.

OH!! Glad to. Its so easy because its in your post. The key phrase is right there…

You need to look up the words estimated and promised and guaranteed. You still havent been lied to.

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