New Unofficial Roleplay Server: Avalon (was merged into Myrddin)

Hello everybody! Those who are searching for the New World RP Community as of 2022-12-06T14:00:00Z–we are now located on the AVALON (NA East) Fresh Start server.

We have also merged the community into one single regional server (NA East) so that we can stick together and have a larger pool of RPers to find and play with. We do realize its not ideal for all, but it was voted on in the community as a whole to merge AND leave Orofena–it isn’t that bad of a ping, even for most EU/UK players and beyond based on what our EU/UK members have told us. The choice of NA East was due to the balance of ping for both regions.

Hope those searching for RP will come join us!

You can find our discord here:

-Talishe Locke, Avalon (NA East) (previously Myrddin)
Head of Volunteer Team for the New World Roleplay: Avalon Discord Server

Little bump for visibility.

Just an update for the merge announcement: the unofficial RP server is now considered ‘Avalon’ as of 2022-12-06T14:00:00Z.

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